Ideas like you’ve never seen
(or shared!) them before

An actionable and practical way
to get your ideas out into the world

1. Take the Idea Maker course

The Idea Maker course and WEE Degree are designed to help entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, educators, and incubator and accelerator managers improve what they’re working on. You’ll build a foundational set of competencies, you’ll design a highly impactful and imminently feasible version of your idea(s), and you’ll get your own Idea Pages.

2. Build, test, and share your very own Idea Pages

A lot of the learning and your idea design work comes together on your Idea Pages – which are like a Facebook or LinkedIn profile but for your idea.

You’ll use the Idea Page as part of the course to improve your ideas and to give each of them an identity that can be shared with others publicly and privately, or password protected for your team and close colleagues – depending on your needs.

3. Assess, iterate, and improve

The design cycle and dynamic feedback process are going to get you out from behind your desk, keep you honest with yourself, and help significantly improve your idea. And you’ll be able to use the on-page scoring and critique-building tools to gather feedback and assess it as you go.

4. Open doors

The same tools and processes will help you build a valuable pre-network of people, and after they help you “break and better” your idea, you’ll find they can also help open the doors through which you can take your next steps.