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Our Idea

Who are we?

A team of Electrical and Civil Engineering Students in our fourth year who are diversified in multiple disciplines. As many of our team members are from outside of Calgary, we have experienced the stresses of moving out, specifically from residence. Our empathetic feelings will ensure our service is providing significant benefit to students. Our team also has numerous years of marketing and business planning experience.

What are we offering?

A moving box procurement service offering cardboard boxes at a reduced price. A pre-order system will allow students to purchase various sized boxes that will be available for pick up in residence or off campus at their preferred time. The boxes are standard moving sizes, tailored to be easily handled by all students. It is important to mention that all proceeds will be donated towards the KidSport charity. test

Who are we offering it to?

Our primary market is focused on students moving out of Campus Residences. For a better understanding of our market, there are around 3000 residence students living on the University of Calgary campus as well as approximately 1,500 residence students living at SAIT. In addition to the residence students, we will use our social circles and relationships built through our own experience living on Residence to promote to other students living off campus requiring move out boxes. In addition to the U of C and SAIT we hope to expand our venture to include other schools such as Mount Royal University. Hello

Why does that person care?

Students living in residence are required to move out 24 hours following their last final examination. This strict timeline offers little time for students to fully move out, providing an added stress during preparation for final examinations. In addition to this timeline stress, many residence students do no have access to vehicles to purchase moving boxes. By delivering the boxes to residence, this will eliminate any wasted time for students. Most rooms within residence offer very little square footage, therefore storage of boxes is not ideal throughout the year, creating the need for disposable boxes during move out. Our service will strive to eliminate any added stresses outside of preparing for examinations.

Our distinctive competencies

Our relationship and exclusive selling agreements with the University of Calgary & SAIT residence ensures we are the only company providing this service to students. This agreement allows us to access a base market to begin sales. Our past experience living in residence allows us to not only understand the needs of residence students but also realize move out process. Our team also has both sales, marketing and accounting experience.

The substitutes & alternatives

The substitutes and alternatives for our service includes students searching for reasonably priced boxes at various stores on their own time. This can be very time consuming and involves transportation costs, we will also be able to offer lower costs because of our bulk ordering. Another option would be having boxes stored in the room which is also not common as residence rooms offer very little room for storage. Finally a student would be able to search liquor stores or other places for free boxes but again that would be time consuming.

An alternative to our box moving service is to not use it at all, however this can cause the overall experience of moving out to be overly complicated. Inside the Box is for the individuals that want to keep all their belongings organized through the moving process and ready to store upon arrival back home.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Larry a full time student who lives on campus but need to move back home at the end of the school year. Larry is busy with finals as well as group projects so he has little time to think about his moving situation. Larry, like many students is on a budget or is “student poor”.

Our promise to Larry is to provide an affordable care free solution to finding moving supply’s.

Our second key person

Our second key person is Emily who’s part of residence management on campus. Emily’s first priority is to look out for the best interest of the students as well as the institution. Emily is looking for a way to make moving out of residence go as smoothly as possible. It is also important that whatever potential solution does not infringe on the university or the students rights.

Our promise to Emily is to provide an option to the students for affordable moving supplies to improve the move out experience.

Our third key person

Our third key person is Larry’s parents, Rick and Janice. Rick and Janice will be helping Larry move out in the spring and want things to go smoother than last year because they’re getting to old for this…. Rick and Janice are also looking for something reasonably priced because there already spending too much on that money pit of a school.

Our promise to Rick and Janice is to provide a cheap means of moving so the can spend less time and energy helping their little angel move.


Your feedback and ideas

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