Anti-tipping block

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Our Idea

Who are we?

I am Ahmed, student at ENGG 519, Entrepreneurship class

What are we offering?

I am offering a design of block made of cardboard, with square cross section from top, and rectangular cross section from the sides. The block has a circular hole from top to bottom, where the user can put their cups of water, juices of coffee. The block can be taped from its corners to a desk.

Who are we offering it to?

I am offering this simple design to people who usually have their cup of water, coffee or juice in their desk while studying or working on computer

Why does that person care?

These drinks possess hazards, as if the person accidently hit the cup, it tips over and spill the drink on their textbooks, laptops, or their assignments.

the goal of the design is to prevent the cup from tipping over when the person accidently hit it.

Our distinctive competencies

This design allows the user to feel safe and comfortable drinking water/coffee/juice while they are working on their desks. it also provides them with the freedom to drink from cups, as opposed to closed water bottle.

The substitutes & alternatives


The person drinks (i.e water, coffee, juice..) in closed bottles


The person doesn’t drink while studying or working on their laptops.

They can also leave their cups far from their laptops


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person


Ali like to have a cup of water in his desk as he is working in his laptop

my promise: is that Ali doesn’t have to worry about spilling water in his laptop, if he accidently hit the cup. the block prevents it from tipping over

Our second key person

Ali’s parents

Ali sometimes work in the desktop computer

his parents would want this design, as if water spilled, they will be the ones fixing the damage

Our third key person


students who use the computer lab usually have water/juice or coffee with them, and it is a hazard that it could spill on the keyboard

they are the ones fixing the damage if it occur, so the design prevents liquid from spilling or it reduces its chances of happening


Your feedback and ideas

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