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Our Idea

Who are we?

Growing plants is no easy task, there is a lot of science and engineering that goes into the humble plant. Let us do the hard work for you. Here at Team Tom Hanks, we are a group of highly skilled and well-rounded engineers. A diverse mixture of Chemical, Electrical and Civil engineers who have come together to provide you with the ultimate plant growing experience.

All of us are fond of gardening, which is why we want to translate our technical experience into building PlantPonics, the easy way to grow plants.

What are we offering?

We are offering PlantPonics, a whole range of smart accessories which will easily be able to attach on to your pre-existing potted plants. These accessories will easily be able to tell you what your plant needs and when it needs it via built-in sensors. PlantPonics will also have the ability to connect to your smartphone, our PlantPonics app is simple and easy to use for all of your plant growing needs.

Our initial sensors will be water and sunlight, with the possibility of adding more sensors and accessories to your PlantPonics system. Our vision is to give you an easy and reliable way of growing any type of plant you want. Within our app will be our online store, where you can purchase more accessories to grow you PlantPonics ecosystem.

We are also offering exclusively prepared ‘meal plans’ catered for your specific plant. We want to provide your plant with all of its necessary nutrients for every step of its growth. We plan to partner up with a local fertiliser company here in Calgary and use their well-known ingredients to prepare a special blend for your specific plant. Our app will guide you on when is the best time to add this blend of fertiliser for optimum plant growth. We will take care of the hard parts so all you need to do is watch your plant flourish.

Who are we offering it to?

We are offering PlantPonics to individuals who want to grow plants in their household, but may not have a ‘green thumb’. Our system is meant to make growing plants easy and enjoyable. PlantPonics will tell you what your plant needs and when it needs it so all you have to do is add what it tells you to do, sit back and enjoy seeing your plant flourish.

We are hoping to cater to anyone who is interested in growing plants at home, but we believe some of our initial buyers will be individuals who are fond of growing herbs, vegetables and fruits for their cooking essentials. Vegans will love the fact that they can grow their own food without needing to spend the extra money on organics products. With PlantPonics, any produce you choose to grow at home will be fresher than ever.

Novice gardeners will love the fact that they will be able to grow whatever their heart desires with ease, while advanced gardeners will love the fact that this will be a stepping stone into growing rare and exotic plants. PlantPonics wants to make growing indoors simple.

Why does that person care?

Taking care of anything is difficult and time consuming, plants especially because it is hard to judge what they need. In a busy schedule, you might forget about your plant. With PlantPonics, the hassle of guessing what your plant needs is taken away. Our system does all this for you with its sensors and optional add-on accessories. Individuals who want to grow plants are turned away by the idea of all this work, but with PlantPonics, the idea of growing plants at home is more accessible to individuals who want to do it.

Reflecting back on growing produce, we believe that the idea of growing your own food is absolutely magical. The fact that you can taste the hard work that you put into your plant is amazing. PlantPonics makes this dream a reality, why should growing your own fruits and vegetables be so difficult. The best part of PlantPonics is the fact that we offer specific ‘meal plans’ for all sorts of plants, so you can grow almost anything you want in the household.

Failure is a major source on why so many people choose not to grow indoors. PlantPonics wants to eliminate as many sources of error as possible so that anybody who picks up our system can grow confidently. From novice to advanced gardeners, PlantPonics will suit their needs for indoor growing.

Our distinctive competencies

With all of us having an engineering background, we have a strong grasp on the technical aspects of growing plants. On our team we have individuals who have a deep understanding of Smart Systems which is an essential component of PlantPonics, we also have individuals who specialise in (NPK) chemical systems. Basically we have people who know how to build the product and more importantly, know how to take care of your plant. We also have strong connections to leading plant scientists who definitely know a thing or two about plants. We have individuals who know how to design the best sensors and accessories. With this team of individuals here at PlantPonics, our product is better suited to grow plants easier than anything else out there on the marketplace.

The substitutes & alternatives

All other systems which help make growing plants easier are expensive, bulky, and usually catered towards massive growing operations. With PlantPonics, we want to bring this ease of growing plants to the home and to anybody who wants to grow their favourite plant.

The competition our there does not have the passion that we do, we want to bring gardening into the home with the vision of making it easy, simple and reliable.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

We want to market this product to novice gardeners who love gardening but may not necessarily have a ‘green thumb’. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing the fruits of your labour wilt away because you did not provide the needed nutrients for your plant. With PlantPonics, these individuals will find the joy in growing plants indoors, without needing to know a whole lot about plants.

Our promise to them is that we will provide a system which will allow them to grow as many plants as they want, enjoy their hobby, but more importantly, make it simple and easy to do.

Our second key person

Our secondary customer will be more advanced gardeners. The individuals who already know how to grow plants well, but want to bring up their ‘game’ to the next level. We are targeting people who want to grow more complicated plants which are much more sensitive to the environment. With PlantPonics, they will easily be able to monitor the status of these plants and keep them maintained.

Our promise to them is to provide an easier way to grow more advanced plants.

Our third key person

Our next consumer will be the individuals who think that gardening is too difficult. They have a slight interest in gardening but have never gone ahead and started because they knew the amount of work that comes with it. With PlantPonics, our product is a great way for these people to get into gardening. It is simple, reliable and they’ll be able to see their plants flourish in no time.

Our promise to them is that we will offer a way to grow their favourite plants easily, without the labour that comes with conventional gardening.


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