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Our Idea

Who are we?

I’m a determined Civil Engineer who wants to reduce the impact on city landfills by increasing the amount of compostable materials. Through my internship, I have seen the impact that increasing amounts of garbage have on landfills. Though my personal network of medical professionals, I came to realize the vast amounts of adult diapers used and thrown into the garbage. I’m driven to reduce this impact.

What are we offering?

I’m offering a compostable diaper molded from cardboard shreds and nanofibre ultra-absorbent materials. This diaper will be waterproof and 100% leakage proof, durable for a prolonged time, as well as being lightweight and comfortable. It will also be more affordable than currently available diapers.

Who are we offering it to?

We are offering our compostable, affordable diapers to adults, specifically the elderly. We are specifically offering it to the owner of the Whitehorn Village old age home. Other beneficaries of this program will include City of Calgary composting program. In addition, this product long term societal benefit through various mechanisms such as improved products for the elderly and improved sustainability. We will also offer this product to nurses as well as the elderly themselves that require adult diapers. 

Why does that person care?

There are various reasons for people to be interested in our product. First of all, the elderly pay lower cost for diapers, which can add up to significant savings over the course of a few months or years. These diapers will also be more comfortable, as well as aesthetically more pleasing and specifically designed for the elderly. It also benefits old age homes as it allows them to promote an environment-friendly image of the old age home to potential customers. It also helps their self image as they get to leave a positive impact on the world through choosing to use compostable diapers. As for the City, they are able to reduce expenditure for the garbage disposal program. It will also create more jobs as they will need more trucks to pick up composting materials and thus need more employees. Environmentalists as well as the general society benefits as we can reduce our environmental footprint through composting. 




Our distinctive competencies

We have various competencies that distinguish us from our competitors. First of all we have a vast network of medical professionals for feedback, allowing us to apply lean start up model. We are also in the process of applying for patent of the design so that we have complete ownership of this idea. Similarly, we are seeking exclusive manufacturing rights for the product. Additionally, we have the benefit of being the first to introduce this product to the market and creating brand awareness.

The substitutes & alternatives

The current alternative is already existing adult diapers. These are made by established multinational companies and thus it will be difficult to compete with their large manufacturing process. Average cost of a 16 pack adult diapers is approximately 20 dollars and they are not compostable, thus adding to the landfill waste.



Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is the owner of the old age home. They are also seeking ways to reduce waste & frequency of garbage trucks as well as trying to reduce overall costs paid for diapers yearly.

They care because they are interested in saving money by reducing the cost per diaper, allowing for much larger savings on a yearly basis. They would also be interested in reducing the impact they have on the environment by composting. It is also beneficial for their business as they can promote an environment-friendly image of the old age home to potential customers.

Our promise to them is to provide a consistent supply of diapers so they won’t have to resort to the old diapers. We also promise them a reduced annual cost and increased satisfaction of their clients. 

Our second key person

Our second key person is the Director of Calgary Compost Program. They need to maintain a steady level of compost inflow to the facility.

They care because the Director’s job is based on increasing composting within Calgary to promote a healthier environment. Additionally, it will allow them to expand their program as they will need more trucks to pick up composting materials and will be able to give employees more hours, indirectly benefiting them as well.

Our promise to them is that we will help them increase inflow of compost. We also promise that the entire diaper will be compostable. We will also decrease the amount of trash going to landfills thus reducing the environmental impact. 

Our third key person

Our third key person is Diaper users (retiree). They are the direct users of the product and would want it to be comfortable, durable and odour free.

They care because they will feel satisfied by getting to know that they are wearing an environment-friendly diaper. They likely want to be a part of a generation which leaves a positive impact on the world. Through our product, they get to wear diapers which are as comfortable as possible and aesthetically pleasing, not catered to babies. 

Our promise to them is to deliver a a comfortable, durable, odour free diaper that will not look like its for kids.


Your feedback and ideas

Feedback on our idea and your assessment of it are incredibly important. Please provide yours below.

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