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Our Idea

Who are we?

I am third year Mechanical Engineering student with comprehensive experience with design and prototyping. I have extensive knowledge with assembly and fabrication of mechanisms. I volunteer at the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation. I have 6 years of babysitting experience and am a regular volunteer at my aunt’s dayhome. I also have several nieces and nephews that are toddlers and preschoolers whom I love so dearly.

What are we offering?

Eco-Toys offers products that are non-toxic, allergy-free, safe and eco-friendly toys made out of cardboard for children to play with. These are safe toys for young children that are well-made meaning they are without sharp parts or splinters and do not pinch.

Plastic toys account for 90% of the toy market and they are almost impossible to recycle. In 2014, Americans generated about 33 million tons of plastic. The year before only 9.5% of the plastics were recycled according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Plastic toys pose a unique challenge because they are composed of other materials as well such as metals that prevent them from being recycled.

Paper waste accounts for 40% of all waste in the U.S. and paper contributes significantly to deforestation as well as air, water and land pollution. Paper and cardboard products that end up in landfills release methane gas when they start to decompose. We help reduce paper waste by reusing/recycling/re-purposing paper and cardboard. Recycling cardboard is a simple yet effective way to reduce the amount that ends up in landfills, and reduce the amount of trees used in paper/cardboard manufacturing.

In today’s world the health affects of the chemicals used in manufacturing of plastic toys are still not fully known. One known type of common chemical called phthalates is used to soften toys. This chemical has been linked to a number of health issues including birth defects, cancer and diabetes. Since children put toys in their mouths they’re at an increased risk.

The common paint is a petrochemical and its production involves use of non-sustainable resources. Producing one litre of paint can result in upto 30 litres of toxic waste. Apart from the negative environmental impact, paint is detrimental to the health as well. Constituents of conventional paints include formaldehyde, heavy metals, chemical pigments, fungicides and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These are given out while painting and for upto five years after dried.

Eco-Toys products do not use conventional paint because of their detrimental environmental and health affects. We use Eco Paints that are made up of natural ingredients and raw materials from environmentally managed sources and produced using an ecological cycle. The paints are organic, non-toxic, allergy-free, odour/fume free, VOCs free and free of petrochemicals and you can compost them. The brand of paint that will be used for Eco-Toys are Ecos Organic Paint.

The Eco-Toys will be not only be visually appealing for the children with vibrant colours and designs but also educational and will enhance child growth and development as they casually play. A variety of products will be introduced to the market. Initially we will have a few but we will increase our variety as the company will grow.

We believe that children should grow up in a safe, healthy and sustainable environment. We hope to help create a sustainable future for them with better environmental conditions where they can thrive. Eco-Toys are a journey that will continue with you from your childhood until forever.



Who are we offering it to?

Offering Eco-toys to the parents of toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners, basically children of ages 2 years to 6 years. And to daycare providers.

According to research the best types of toys for children at this age are things for problem solving, pretending and building, things to create with, picture books, and things for using their large and small muscles.

It is necessary that the toys are safe for them because children are clumsy, care-free and very curious. They will man-handle, touch and try to taste everything. Eco-toys are perfectly safe for them because they are non-toxic, lead-free, allergy-free, shatterproof, contain no sharp parts or splinters. When children play they use their imagination and creative thinking to explore and discover. Eco-Toys not only fosters imagination, creative thinking and problem solving but also instil a sense of responsibility in them for the environments. It gives them food for thought.


Why does that person care?

The parents of children care because Eco-Toys are non-toxic, allergy free, environment friendly, reducing carbon footsteps and plastic wastes. These are excellent for child development. The toys and other products are recyclable, reusable and biodegrable. Not only do our products foster enhanced child development but we are essentially protecting the environment that the children will grow up to live in.

Our distinctive competencies

There several features that make Eco-Toys truly distinctive:

  1. The toys/products are 100% eco-friendly. They are made out of cardboard that is recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.
  2. only eco-friendly paint is used on our products that are made up of nontoxic raw materials, do not contain VOCs and are compostable. The paint is organic, odor and fume-free. Eco-Toys will be using Ecos Organic Paint.
  3. Eco-Toys will be seeking exclusive manufacturing rights from Hape Toys (Alberta based manufacturer)
  4. I have network with several daycare providers that I will reach out to as my initial market
  5. I also have a huge network of parents with young children
  6. Have a network of local designers and marketers that help with the branding, designing and marketing of Eco-Toys
  7. Eco-Toys will be seeking endorsement from from the Canadian Toy Association
  8. Eco-Toys will have a recycle program: send us cardboard/old eco-toys and get a 30% off on your next purchase
  9. Let’s All Play program: when you purchase an Eco-Toy product we send another child in a developing country an Eco-Toy as well so that eventually every child gets to play.

The substitutes & alternatives

There are many alternatives such as plastic toys:






-Fisher Price etc

but they all create an insane amount of waste. The issue with plastic toys is the rate at which they are consumed. Toys are received for birthdays and holidays, at parties in gift bags, inside cereal boxes or at fast food restaurants with a meal. These occupy a child’s attention for a short span of time and then they get discarded. This creates  a lot of waste that is detrimental to the environment. Plastic toys pose a unique challenge because they are usually composed of other materials too such as metal. The recyclable components cannot be separated out and thus become prohibitive for recycling centres.

Substitute include:

-Outside the box

-Luke’s Toy Factory

Their products claim to be eco-friendly but they still contain a certain percentage of plastic. Eco-Toy products contain no plastic and use non-toxic, biodegradable and organic paint and adhesives.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

The first key person are parent/s with children between the ages of 2 to 6 years. They make sure that their child/children are cared for. One of the roles of parents is to provide support, encouragement and access to activities that help children with their growth and development. Their goal is to raise their children with unconditional love in a safe and healthy environment and raise them to be caring, intelligent and responsible human beings. Parents care deeply about the future of their children as well

Our promise to them is that our toys are non-toxic, environmental friendly, safe and fun. When children play they use their imagination and creative thinking skills to explore and discover. Eco-toys encourage experimentation, creative thinking and problem solving all while having fun. It also indirectly instils a sense of responsibility in them with regards to the environment and health.

They are easy store because most toys can be disassembled and reassembled.

Not only are the Eco-Toys affordable but we have program called the Recycle Program where people send us cardboard/old eco-toys and get a 30% off on their next purchase.

Eco-Toys greatly reduce carbon-footprints and use cardboard as the main raw material for the toys. All other materials used in a toy e.g paint and adhesives are eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Our company works towards improving the environment that your child will grow up to live in.

Our second key person

Our second key person are children between the ages of 2 and 6 years. Children learn about the world through play. They are curious, constantly learning, care-free, sensitive and going through a lot development. They need toys that involve problem solving, pretending, building, creating and things that encourage using large and small muscles.

The children want to be engaged at most times and have fun. Eco-Toys will keep them engaged and busy.  These toys are very visually appealing because of the vibrant bright colours obtained by eco-friendly and non-toxic paint. The children will get to use their creativity and imagination. There are a variety of toys not just one or two so they that can switch over to other toys whenever they’re bored.

Our promise to them is they will have lots of fun playing with these toys and they will love them.

Our third key person

Our third key person are environmentalists because they are advocates for the environment and they want to spread awareness about issues such as global warming and plastic waste. They advocate for a better and sustainable future. They want to protect the environment and so does Eco-Toys. 

Eco-Toys greatly reduce carbon-footprints and use cardboard as the main raw material for the toys. All other materials used in a toy e.g paint and adhesives are also eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Our promise to them is that Eco-Toys are 100% recyclable and have no other components that are non-recyclable or biodegradable.


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