Our Idea

Who are we?

A group of students who identify as sociable and frequent bar-goers. This allows for us to effectively understand the target market and acquire the necessary connections to support this venture.

Within the team, we also have coding enthusiasts (by profession and passion) who has the skills to develop our product.

What are we offering?

A system (consisting of ONE iPad per restaurant) that allows for waiters/waitresses to receive orders from customers in an effective and timely manner in order to increase productivity and quality interactions. 

Who are we offering it to?

This system appeals to bar/restaurant owners who wants to stay competitive, while increasing efficiency of their establishment. They are given an effective and modern supplement to their pre-existing system that will increase productivity.

Why does that person care?

Ultimately, our system will allow for customers to have a more fluid and enjoyable time while visiting these establishments, while also allowing the people serving them to have and easier time as well. To these owners, satisfying their customers and their employees will yield the best results socially and economically.

Our distinctive competencies

While there are systems similar to this in place already, we bring a simpler and less threatening solution than our competitors. Instead of trying to replace current systems, and threatening the jobs of employees, our solution simply sets out to improve pre-existing systems while trying to satisfy all parties.

The substitutes & alternatives

There are many systems already in place that is trying to replace the conventional POS system. Our biggest competitor would be systems that are putting iPads at every table.

The problem we see with that is that it’s going to be very costly for restaurants to fully implement this system, and it’s also trying to completely replace current systems in place. Our product is only a supplementary solution, while increasing efficiency whenever possible.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person would be the restaurant/bar owner. This individual sets out to satisfy they employees as well as the customers that they serve in order to generate a profit from their products and services.

The restaurant/bar owner will see great value in our product as improving efficiency and keeping all parties satisfied is their ultimate goal, which is what our system sets out to achieve.

What we would like to offer and promise them is an easy-to-integrate ordering system that supplements their current system, which will provide a modern and non-threatening advance to their services.

Our second key person

Our second key person is the waiter/waitress that will need to adapt to this new system. This individual’s responsibility is to make sure their guests and customers have the most enjoyable experience while being served. Their ultimate goal is also to generate the highest amount of tips possible for their efforts and services.

What adapting our system will do is offer them more free time to visit each table and make sure that every guest has everything they need at all times. Eliminating the need to take orders from every guest, will allow for more genuine interactions between the waiter/waitress and the guests.

Our promise to them is a system, if used correctly, will allow them to skip the expected task of taking orders and focus their energy into actually starting genuine conversations with guests.

Our third key person

Our third key person is the bar/restaurant guest. This individual wants to enter an establishment and receive quality service and food. They expect a fast and easy way to get the food they want with minimal effort put in.

Our system will allow for the guest to request for service or food when they want and how they want. Without having to wait for a waiter/waitress on a busy Friday night, the guest can simply input their desired orders into our website/app and have it brought to them in a timely manner. This saves the nightmare of having to wait too long for a waiter/waitress and threatening a decreased tip because of it.

What our system offers to the guest is a hassle free way of telling their server what they want and when they want it.


Your feedback and ideas

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