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Our Idea

Who are we?

My name is Haoyu Chen, and I am a third-year chemical engineering student.

I am very willing to help people reducing the amount of natural resources waste that people enter every day. This is the reason why I am thinking ways to protect our global environment.

What are we offering?

As we see today, every or most furniture we use today are made by wood, so tree felling has become more and more frequent. This is an unchangeable fact.

I provide a new simple furniture that made by convenience material-cardboard. This kind furniture will lower customers’ cost and also it save resources compare with wood furnitures. Cardboard furniture/take-out box save natural resources and protect global environment.

Who are we offering it to?

The cardboard furnitures and take-out box will be offered to cafe shop.

After,these furnitures and take-out box can be offered to other fast food, restaurants who provide deliver or take out service, also can offer to customers who like to take out food.

Why does that person care?

All current furniture or take-out boxes are made of plastic or paper bags. This increases the company’s cost of product distribution. The use of cardboard will reduce the cost, and it will be easy to carry, also the process to make the products are very simple.

Cardboard take-out box easy for customers to take many food or drinks by one hand, and cardboard furnitures are lightweight, low cost, and I am offering FREE repair/exchanging.

Our distinctive competencies

I am a student very talent and had experience on structuring, using cardboard to make different shapes of tables, chairs, etc. (eg. zebra, antelope). I have joined handcrafted club when I was in China. Also I offering FREE repair and exchange for customers who only partner with me. And I will provide long-term cooperation partners FREE advertises.

For now, there no such animal shapes cardboard tables chairs, etc appear in any cafe shop or restaurants, yet. And I am the only one can provide them the animal, or other shapes’ furnitures , also include FREE repairing and exchanging for who only partner with me. Since they are made by cardboard, so for sure it’s low cost for customers.

The substitutes & alternatives

The only substitutes right now are the plastic furnitures and the wood furnitures, and plastic bags and paper bags. Most restaurants and cafe shops use plastic and wood material’s  furnitures and bags. These products are high cost, and they are not environmentally friendly.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

OneWorld, OneHome concept pitch

Our personal pitch

OneWorld, OneHome Personal Pitch


The Value

Our first key person

My first key person are the cafe shops’ owners.

These companies care because they want more customers, profits, and low cost, these kind of  product will reduce the distribution costs for them.The new design with cardboard are lightweight, low cost for cafe owners, new designs attract customers.

My promise to them is that these are the furnitures that easy to build, and I can provide FREE repairing and exchanging for long-term cooperations.

Our second key person

My second key person are the consumers of the cafe shop and restaurants.

The consumers care about the light weight products, and new design furnitures, since cafe shop and restaurants mainly use cardboard, so the design of take out box are also new design that can hold many food and drinks within one box, so it make customers easy to take out foods, rather use both hand to carry food, cause no hands to open doors. so it very helpful product for customers.

My promise to them is the new design, low cost, and different environmental feeling for customers who come in the restaurants. Also,  nice appearance, simple and easy to carried take out box, one hand-free take out box, reusable products.

Our third key person

My third key person are the environment groups.

These groups will care about this product because they like environmental protection and save as much natural resources as possible. They care about environmental awareness, reduce the use of natural resources, and protect the global environment. Slowly, the situation of global warming caused by tree cutting.

My promise to them is minimize logging and reduce the use of natural resources. And all products that will be compostable and environmentally friendly.


Your feedback and ideas

Feedback on our idea and your assessment of it are incredibly important. Please provide yours below.

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Please provide us with your feedback / critique

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  1. Customer (C)


    Value proposition (VP)


    Substitutes & alternatives (SA)


    People (P) on the team


    Offering (O)


    Distinctive competencies (DC)


    I think your proposed solution to your environmental initiative is effective, especially the take-out box idea, as most take-out boxes are only used once. Also, it is attractive to business people that this idea can save money. Furthermore, from the consumers standpoint, the new take-out boxes does bring convenience to them. It is considerate to think about customers opening doors. It is a small thing but makes a difference in convenience. I can see the benefit of replacing plastic furniture; however I am curious about the benefit of cardboard furniture over wooden furniture. For example, how long can the cardboard furniture be used comparing to wooden furniture? It may also be helpful to show how much money can be saved by using cardboard furniture and take-out boxes. Thank you for sharing your idea.

  2. Customer (C)


    Value proposition (VP)


    Substitutes & alternatives (SA)


    People (P) on the team


    Offering (O)


    Distinctive competencies (DC)


    Thanks for requesting feedback! I’m really curious to see what the flower and zebra patterns would look like. Creative! Pictures of the concept would be a great addition. Overall I found the idea to seem somewhat split between furniture and take-out boxes. Why this specific combination?
    C: While cafe shop owners are one group of people that may be interested in cardboard furniture, what about other customers? Have you considered households? Schools? Daycares? Government? Also, if a cafe shop owner already has furniture in their shop, why would they be interested in replacing it with yours? Maybe you are really targeting people starting up new coffee shops and in need of furniture?
    VP: More detail would help me see the value of your designs better. Maybe add a picture of the one-handed take-out box concept? Or quote numbers showing how cardboard is cheaper than wood?
    SA: For furniture, you didn’t mention metal or composite alternatives. Metal can be also be recycled. For take-out boxes, in my experience cardboard is already common, and many substitutes exist (plastic, styrofoam). Also, in my experience restaurants need take-out boxes much more than cafe’s. I’ve never personally taken half a muffin, for example, away from a cafe in a take-out box.
    P: Do you have any connections to resources for furniture manufacturing? Any additional contributors? The venture does fit with the goal of reducing environmental waste.
    O: More details/pictures of the concepts would make the offering more compelling. Right now it’s left up to my imagination…which is probably not as big as yours. What type of furniture exactly are you planning to make? Chairs? Tables? Stools? More detail would be helpful.
    DC: The concept of cardboard furniture was fairly novel to me, but I’ve definitely seen lots of carboard take-out boxes, so it’s harder to see a distinctive aspect for the take-out boxes. More detail on the one-handed design would help me see the unique advantage of your take-out box.

  3. Customer (C)


    Value proposition (VP)


    Substitutes & alternatives (SA)


    People (P) on the team


    Offering (O)


    Distinctive competencies (DC)


    Thank you for sharing the idea 🙂

    The idea sounds really nice. The cost saving part will be attractive to the shop owners. And as a customer, I’d love to have a take-out box that is more convenient. Also I know that there are some environmental issues such as deforestration and garbage piles in the sea, caused by the uses of wood and plastic. Therefore using the cardboard will for sure help the environment.

    I’m just curious to know, are the cardboard furniture stiff enough? How long can they last? And how much will they cost? Also, there is only one person in your team, and everything is made by hand. In future, will you expand your team or use some other production methods?

    Those questions are just out of curiosity 😉 Overall, nice idea and good job in explaining them!