Our Idea

Who are we?

My name is Masha, and I am a chemical engineering student.

I am very passionate about reducing the amount of waste that people put into our Earth daily, which is why I always think of ways on how to improve our daily habits into more environmentally friendly ways.

What are we offering?

The Cottle is unique to the market and its purpose is to create an environmentally friendly alternative to an existing product. Existing pill bottles are not fully compostable, which is the reason that the Cottle stands out from the crowd.

The idea is simple, and uses readily available materials and an easy procedure. I know what materials I will need to develop this product, and how to source them. My plan is to start off with a prototype and develop a testing procedure that will allow me to see how well it works, and how effectively it can replace a regular pill bottle. From the test results, I can tweak my procedure and material ratio to enhance my prototype and make it better.

The materials required to create this product are low cost and easily available. My target customer is the pharmaceutical industry, which is very large and will allow me to generate a lot of revenue. This will make the Cottle sustainable.

Who are we offering it to?

The largest consumer target are the pharmaceutical companies, since they will be distributing the pills. These companies can give patients their medicine in cardboard bottles, instead of plastic bottles, thereby, decreasing the amount of plastic that is being put into the planet drastically.

The target customer is very specific for the initial stages, but later on, it is planned to reach a larger customer group ranging in vitamin providers, to cream distributors, to protein supplements.

Why does that person care?

Currently all the containers that pills or vitamins come in are made from plastic. The plastics are hard to recycle and it takes some time to get them recycled.

On the contrary, using compostable bottles will allow the consumer to get rid of the bottle in a much faster and more efficient way.

Our distinctive competencies

As an engineering student, I have experience with labs and experiments, therefore making me suitable to create a successful prototype. I have the knowledge to research and develop a proportional mixture and a method to make it consistent in order to achieve the same results every time. That is why I have an advantage to preparing the perfect mixture to get the bottle to be firm and strong.

I also have experience in testing methods, which will allow me to discover and solve the problems that may arise with the initial prototypes. Apart from that, I have take a course on entrepreneurship, which gives me a competitive edge in pitching my idea to prospective clients and raise funding. That is why I believe to have scored a truly distinctive in the category.

Also, there are no products like this on the market currently, so the Cottle will be the first cardboard bottle to market to the pharmaceutical companies.

The substitutes & alternatives

Currently on the market, there are very few cardboard bottles. Most of them are meant for beverages, but one company focuses on making bottles for multiple different uses. The technology behind the way that Eco Logic makes their product, is that they reduce the amount of plastic that is used in bottles. In order to do that, they still maintain the inner lining as plastic, but the outside is made from cardboard. Although this is a good step to reducing the amount of waste that gets thrown out, the bottle is still not completely compostable.

The Cottle uses only cardboard, water and glue, which makes the packaging compostable after the patient is done with the pills. 


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person are the pharmaceutical companies.

These companies care because the product will reduce the distribution costs for them. By using the Cottle, they will also be able to attract to a different group of people who are concerned about the environment.

Our promise to them is that our bottles will maintain the lifespan of the pills and vitamins in the same way that the regular plastic containers do.


Our second key person

Our second key person are the consumers of the pills and of the vitamins.

The consumers care about the Cottle because it would mean that they need to have less recycling, and more compost. They also will not need to feel guilty for taking pills and vitamins to help their body and damage the planet, because the Cottle will not be destroying the environment.

Our promise to them is that the Cottle will be a firm and strong bottle that will be hard to break, and easy to compost.

Our third key person

Our third key person are the environment groups.

These groups will care about the product because it means that this product will be phasing out all the plastic that currently lives on the shelves of pharmacies. By doing that, people will be polluting the Earth less, because it is a lot easier and faster to compost than to recycle.

Our promise to them is that all the products that will be used to manufacture this bottle will be compostable and environmentally friendly.


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