Our Idea

Who are we?

We are a group of compassionate engineers with the necessary skill to build it. I am a chemical engineer with specialization in material testing. With extensive experience on DIY furnitures using the cardboard and material testing. We also have a connection with a laboratory where it is currently research on cardboard durability.

What are we offering?

eco-friendly, lightweight, and stylish cardboard bed where you can assemble and put away in seconds. No screws, nuts ot tools are needed to put it together. It is crafted with incredibly sturdy AVANA corrugated cardboard. Made from certified corrugated cardboard with at least 70% recycled material. It’s vegan friendly and low emission, too. Size range from single to King bed.

Who are we offering it to?

We are offering it to the landlord who has a bedroom with limited space. Also, we decide to team up with immigration canada to give away our EcoBed to new immigration for those who need a bed to sleep. Minimalist lovers are sure to appreciate the pared-back style.  Our plan is to have our prototype ready to be tested by the end of the year! We will reach to the 500 apartment landlord in half month start negotiating with immigration Canada and then in one year, we will be targeting to the landlord provincial wide. In Two years, we will partener with Amazon Canada to make this product available national wide and have delivery service ready to go

Why does that person care?

For people who have a tighter space in their bedroom, they are looking for either single bed or air bed, which does not give them a good sleep anyway. Our EcoBed is delivered flat- packed and can be ready to use in less than half a minute. For the new immigrant, they do not know anybody in the city, they are looking for help to carry the heavy bed from somewhere to their home. With our product, they do not need to spent money on delivering the bed as our package is lightweight and flat-packed.

Our distinctive competencies

We have a connections with laboratory that are currently doing research on durable and fully recyclable cardboard. We have extensive experience in structural design through DIY contest. We did a research on patent for our product, there is no similar product that has been patented. We are at a great postion to send off the patent application. We also have a exclusive manufacturer, distributor through IKEA. The operation with immigrant Canada with also help us in advertising our product to the public.

The substitutes & alternatives

The only substitute right now is the sofa bed, where it is not very applicable in our case. Even though it saves space, it is still heavy and hard to carry by one person.  The alternatives is the airbed, which takes time to set up and not very durable or safe if air leak is involved.


Our Pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is landlord with tight bedroom spaces.

They care because they wish something takes less space but does the same functionality such as King bed.

Our promise to them is a foldable Ecobed which you can setup and put away in half a minute and still strong and durable as regular bed, cost less

Our second key person

Our second key person is new immigrants to Canada.

They care because as the basic standard of living, a bed is needed for sleep. A lightweight bed that is easier to carry and move out will make their life easier as they do not have to ask someone else for help.

Our promise to them is We will work with immigration Canada, usually new immigrant gets free mattress, we will also give away free lightweight, easy-to-carry EcoBed.

Our third key person

Our third key person is delivery man as they used to lift heavy bed.

They care because as their regular workload, they wish do something less heavy but still make the customer happy. Sometimes carry the heavy bed can easily get hurt and the installation process is painful if required.

Our promise to them is a lightweight and flat-packed bed. It still does everything a bed does with lighter weight. Make their job easier by flat-pack and easy assemble in half a minute.


Your feedback and ideas

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