our Rodent Bar 

Low-profile, Clean and Easy Solution to Your Mice Problems

Our Idea

Who are we?

-Various related engineering backgrounds (Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Environmental)

-Experienced first hand in pest-control problems in restaurants, small businesses and rural areas

-International Background

What are we offering?

-Cheaper than competitor



-No Mess

-Quick-humane kill

-Multi Use


Who are we offering it to?

-Home/business owner with mice problem

-Squeamish people

-People who don’t want to “show” the ‘mice problem’

-Current Pest Control business owners looking for new products

Why does that person care?

-Impact on their business/giving a bad image

-Not used to handling mice nor getting rid of one

-Need to place a trap in visible area

-Concerned with safety while using a conventional trap

-Looking for cost-effective alternatives to currently listed traps offered by competition

Our distinctive competencies

-Lower cost by using different material

-Iterated/better design on current products with new implements never done before (our Archimedes Screw design) = Patent

-Unique Market towards people with reputation/image in mind

-Team of mechanical, electrical, environmental and chemical engineers with experience in restaurants, warehouses and rural areas with rodent problems.

-International background to reach out to global multilingual market

The substitutes & alternatives

-Existing mouse trap designs i.e. (snap/claw) and electric, but not one with all of our Rodent Bar’s benefit

-Pest Control Companies using chemical methods which takes a period time and is not a good look for business operation

-DIY methods where traps  are not tested, unsafe and not reliable



Our Pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Restaurant and small business owners with rodent infestations


They care because…

  • Rodent problem brings bad reputation which also lead to economic damages to businesses, especially in restaurants and food industry
  • Need to place in areas where there are customer footprints
  • Current market devices are costly and shows too much ‘I have rodents in the area

Our promise to them is…

  • Low profile rodent traps where people wont believe they are a rodent trap unless you tell them
  • Small form factor so you can still hide them under tight spaces and such, or just to make sure to catch those sneaky ones
  • Low cost compared to similar existing models (which only covers part of what our Rodent Bar offers)

Our second key person

People concerned with safety and ethics of using a rodent trap


They care because…

  • Snap/claw traps are exposed openly where unaware children, pets can reach and easily hurt them
  • Snap/claw trap’s kill mechanism can sometimes fail where the rodent might undergo unnecessary suffering
  • Conventional traps can be unhygienic in ways where the user could be in contact with the rodent

Our promise to them is…

  • Thoughtful design where children and pets cannot access inner parts of the Rodent trap and preventing accidents
  • Efficient and quick-kill for rodents with minimal time exposure
  • Our break-off chamber to empty the caught rodents prevents contact with the user physically AND visually

Our third key person

Pest control business owners

They care because …

  • Always looking for different products to reach to their customers with different needs
  • Saving costs of operation and equipment
  • Safe and reliable products

Our promise to them is …

  • Our Rodent Bar can revolutionize the pest control business from appearing to be ugly and dirty traps into discreet and low profile traps that actually works!
  • Our team is always looking for feedback to further improve our Rodent Bar and willing to work with businesses to better our service and keep the cost lower
  • Our Rodent Bar is easy to setup and use where no special training is required


Your feedback and ideas

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