Revolutionizing the Mobile Office


Our Idea

What are we offering?


Ergonomic, magnetic, and safe cell phone mount designed for surveyors and other oil & gas field personnel in AB. Includes a custom phone case and seamlessly charges your phone while integrating with cell boosters that may already be in your truck.


Who are we offering it to?

First, a few survey companies in Calgary (~50). Second, the rest of the field surveyors in AB (~750 vehicles). Third, AB Oil & Gas fleet vehicles (~75,000). Long term, fleet vehicles in Canada (~330,000).

Why does that person care?

Get in an out of the mobile office without worrying about wires or finicky clamp mounts. Save time and money by not constantly breaking the mount. Navigate safely with the ergonomic design.

Our distinctive competencies

  • Tons of industry Experience
  • First hand knowledge of problem led to this solution
  • Ergonomic design that combines magnetic mounting, induction charging, and is compatible with cell boosters. A currently unparalleled combination.

The substitutes & alternatives

This is what is currently in most survey trucks. It’s a poor design that breaks easily and leaves extra wires for charging phones. 



Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Ross the survey Crew Chief.

Ross cares because he’s sick of breaking the current cell phone mount that his company installed in his truck, he hates having to buy charging cords for his phones, and he would love to be able to enter and exit his truck quickly without worrying about his phone or mount.

Our promise to him is to reduce time lost fixing a faulty mount, charge his phone, and make it easier for him to get in and out of his truck without worrying about breaking something.

Our second key person

Our second key person is Tim the project manager. Tim organizes many projects and is in constant contact with Ross and other field staff.

Tim cares because he needs Ross to have cell service and a broken phone mount makes it tough to reach him deep in the woods. He also doesn’t want Ross to waste time fixing his broken phone mount.

Our promise to them is to provide a reliable phone mount that ensures Tim can always contact Ross and efficiency is maximized.

Our third key person

Our third key person is Kevin the President of the company that Ross and Tim work for.

Kevin cares because time is money, and safety is very important to the success of his. Time spent fixing a broken mount is money lost. When Ross’ phone mount is broken, it’s harder for him to get into contact with Tim in an emergency, and also increases his chances of driving while distracted.

Our promise to Kevin is to keep his employees safe and efficient, all at an affordable price.


Your feedback and ideas

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