An enviro-friendly sitting solution

Our Idea

Who are we?

An environmentally concerned engineering student with 7+ years of actual business operation experience looking to create new market in the recycling program while saving Mother Nature

What are we offering?

Comfortable chairs that are



-Easy to setup/take down

-Easy to dispose (in this case RECYCLE)

-Environmentally friendly

-Made from 100% recycled cardboard material

Who are we offering it to?

-Venue/Event Rental companies that rents out chairs for venues and etc

-Persons needing temporary chairs (e.g camping)

-Cardboard Industry

Why does that person care?

  • Furniture such as chairs made up of metal/plastic are heavy and when damaged, they are hard to service and dispose
  • Efficiency of transportation/storage of furniture depends on how many they can carry/store at once
  • Using recycled materials are inexpensive and also innovative while being environmentally friendly
  • Easy to produce and easy to replace

Our distinctive competencies

  • Changes in local disposal bylaws for cardboard: Landfills will BAN cardboard materials from being dumped by October 2018.
  • Connections with multiple cardboard manufacturers
  • Support from local recycling programs and business owners
  • Support from schools having trouble storing chairs for event in the symposium/gymnasiums

The substitutes & alternatives

-Various DIY using homemade cardboards

-Karton – Australia Only

-Designer firm/inspired products offered only online (Super-expensive)


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Cardboard Industry Related Business Owners


They care because …

-Major part of market in shipping/packaging area

-Already deliver/ship cardboard products

-Looking for other opportunities to expand

-Manufactures, Transports, Processes, Recycles cardboard already


Our promise to them is …

-Start a trend that will develop a new market in cardboard business and effectively create an ecosystem where the manufacturer can recycle and process materials again to use.

-Also be inline in increasing trend of environmentally friendly campaigns

Our second key person

Event/Venue Rental Business Owners


They care because …

-Transporting/storing furniture are major part of their business and always looking for ways to be more efficient

-Maintaining furniture and disposing damaged ones

-Changing trends in disposal and production with certain materials due to bylaws and increased cost


Our promise to them is …

-Offer furniture that are 100% recyclable being inline with changing bylaws

-Inexpensive and cost-effective furniture with long lifetime to meet usage

-Lightweight and compact form for easier and efficient transportation and storage

Our third key person

Personal Furniture Users


They care because …

-Environmentally conscious people

-Conventional folding chairs are either uncomfortable, heavy and/or complicated

-Maintaining folding chairs are mostly unheard of and require tools


Our promise to them is …

-Easy to setup/take down

-All parts of the chair is 100% recyclable and easy to replace

-Lightweight and comfortable


Your feedback and ideas

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