Moda, the Modular Furniture  

Modular Dynamic, or Moda, is a furniture line that makes living spaces customizable. Moda brings functionality, form, and Lego-like playfulness to fully modular furniture.

At the heart of it all is the ModaCube (TM), a unique interlocking block that allows for the creation of any type of furniture imaginable. Life is easier when your chairs turn into tables.


Moda comes in 3 offerings:

    1. ModaCouch ($1150) is a modular couch, easily converts between (1x) 3-seater sofa and (1x) loveseat and (1x) single couch, or (3x) single couches. ModaCouch comes with 12 ModaCubes and all the necessary pieces for conversion, including cushions.


    1. ModaTable ($600) is an extendable modular dining table. It converts between (2x) square bar tables and (1x) full sized dining table, and can also become a utility shelf. ModaTable comes with 8 hardwood ModaCubes, and a brushed-steel option as well.


    1. ModaChair ($100) is a super-versatile dining chair that turns into a coffee table and/or an ottoman. ModaChair comes with 4 hardwood ModaCubes.



Wow I would totally buy this. ~Yueqi Wang

Moda is the perfect fit for my urban lifestyle. ~Eric Chen

This is like Ikea but better,
because it disassembles easily. ~Aaron Leung


See Moda in Action

Our Idea

Who are we?

We are Team Awesome, a group of mechanical and chemical engineers from the University of Calgary. Brought by our passion to deliver impactful solutions, we have brought our unique skills and talents to deliver quality to Moda products:

Emily Lee (Team Lead)

Emily has experience in design, engineering and project management. She provides the guiding direction for the Moda Project and ensures all deadlines and work is completed in a timely, efficient, acceptable manner.

Teng Rong (Marketing Lead)

Teng has experience in B2B and B2C marketing through previous ventures online. He designs landing pages and web sales portals, and helps to make Moda accessible to potential customers online and in partner stores.

Austin Hartley (Manufacturing Lead)

Austin has experience in building furniture for retailers. His experience with AutoCAD and Solidworks, along with practical furniture experience helps the team bring designs to life.

Joel Adams (Engineering Lead)

Joel has experience in furniture through his work as a carpenter and is a seasoned mechanical designer. His wealth of experience with loadings and joint design to ensure the safety of Moda products.

Michelle Cheng (Design Lead)

Michelle has experience in design through prior ventures and is an avid travelling artist. She travelled the world to gain knowledge on popular trends and styles, and has an intimate understanding of lifestyle of different places.

What are we offering?

We are offering a fully modular furniture to turn static rooms into dynamic living spaces. Built with high quality materials, the pieces of Moda can be assembled into various furniture to meet the needs of your home. The ModaCube is an innovative pop-and-lock piece that helps connect each piece to another, without instruction manuals! Having an extra guest over? Feel free to take your coffee table apart and assemble it to an extra chair. Easy to assemble, portable and light, Moda brings creativity and functionality in your home!

Moda is infinitely reassemble-able like a set of Lego, it is 100% modular, does not require any tools for assemble, and does not require instruction manuals. Moda allows for creative minds to own their living space.

Who are we offering it to?

We are offering to those of you who want to fully own your lifestyle. With Moda you’ll have full control to design and create your own living living space designed to your needs and your wants. Especially students and professionals that move ever so often, light and portable Moda can be disassembled and reassembled with ease to their new homes.

Our target audience is Casey, a mother of 3, living with her husband in busy Hong Kong. Space in their apartment is limited due to the dense population of Hong Kong. She wants contemporary furniture that fits her limited space and needs. She must utilize the small space she has for multiple purposes. Moda’s modular furniture will allow her to use the same space for different purposes by changing the look and furniture in the room at the time. 

Why does that person care?

The core of Moda is the fact that it is easy to assemble and disassemble (without tools or instructions) and it’s the only fully modular furniture in the market. Cool and innovative way to decorate your home, or an easy grab-and-go moving furniture, Moda is an easy personal touch to any living space.

Modular furniture that is easy to assemble and disassemble allows individuals to take apart and store pieces that are not being used in the current design. It also allows pieces from one design to be used in another as they are all standardized to work with all designs sold by Moda. This means that individuals with limited space can continuously utilize the same pieces to build the piece of furniture best suited for their needs at that moment. Also, the pieces are simple and easy to store when not in use. Some specific designs take into account the importance of storage of excess parts and thus this is incorporated into the design itself.


Our distinctive competencies

What makes us unique? Well, first of all we are all students and have experienced or known of someone who has had to move to a new city for a job and had to budget for furniture. Unfortunately, budgeting for furniture or not, if things don’t work out at your new city, you’ll have to sell most of your large furniture: a huge hassle.

We’re also are a team of engineers who has experiences in the plastic-polymer manufacturing industry and mechanical design. With our competent team Moda’s furniture pieces will have Moda Locking mechanism, that’ll fully integrate with each other. With easy assembling, not only will it save you time and money, but a way to unleash your creative juices! Unfortunately, Moda is not compatible with other furniture portions and can only lock with other Moda pieces.

The substitutes & alternatives

There are no market-ready substitutes for Moda, as modular furniture. The ModaCube design provides a temporary competitive advantage that we hope to turn into a long term brand advantage.

However, there are alternatives to Moda, namely:

  • Ikea furniture is somewhat disassemble-able but loses quality with each iteration, and requires lots of time and tools
  • Traditional furniture exists, and smaller furniture may be an alternative
  • Fully furnished apartments exist, however the rooms are static in functionality


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Customers who need/want practical contemporary furniture, Moda helps make their living spaces dynamic. This group of people is characterized by modern taste in furniture, and life in small spaces.

For this group of people, Moda’s value lies in the modularization of furniture, and the fact that it can be disassembled and reassembled thousands of times without compromising on structural integrity. Moda makes it easy to turn living rooms into dining rooms, and makes it easier to store unused furniture.

In a survey of recent graduates, 43% of respondents believed that the amount of living space they have is a concern, 45% had trouble disassembling Ikea furniture, and 95% are interested in modular furniture.

Our second key person

Our second key person is independent and chain furniture stores. Moda offers furniture stores a high quality furniture that clients want, without taking up the warehouse space traditional furniture does. Thus, by incorporating Moda into their offerings, furniture stores like Ashley save manhours and labour and warehouse space.

Moda also helps furniture stores recover a portion of the market share lost to Ikea. With our targeted marketing, customers from Group 1 can either buy Moda online, or in participating furniture locations. This is additional incentive for the furniture stores to include and promote Moda, since Moda brings in potential customers.

Our third key person

The third group is corporate customers: the restaurants, home furnishers, movers, landlords.

Claire owns a small coffee shop that sometimes entertains larger corporate lunch events. In the summer, especially during stampede, her shop would be filled with people who stop by for drinks and never sit down — but in the winter everyone needs sitting room. Buying and storing extra tables and chairs, bar stools and standing tables, in the back room has always been a thorn in her side. Claire can order many sets of Moda, keep it disassembled and stacked in a closet, and re-assemble into different types of coffee shop arrangements on demand.


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