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Our Idea

Who are we?

Group of engineers who love sitting outside in our backyard, have a love for the outdoors, and camping. We are looking to create a product that is environmentally friendly yet effective. Trying to change up the way we think of furniture.

What are we offering?

We are offering a cardboard chair that folds, is lightweight, and can be adjusted to multiple different shapes and sizes. This chair is going to be a huge change to the way we think of furniture and cardboard. We are revolutionizing furniture by creating a product which fits your needs. Perfect for outdoors, secondary homes, and camping. Our product will have an engineered weave technology which will create strength and allow for compaction. It will also feature a hydrophobic and heat resisitant coating to stop weathering making it perfect for outdoor activities. 

Who are we offering it to?

Our target groups are going to be families. We want to target groups who will need the extra seating when they host events. We want people who have secondary homes to also have an interest in our product. They are the people who need seating that is cheap and affordable for their homes. Campers will be another large focus. OUr design is made perfect for travel and outdoor use.

Why does that person care?

These people care because they are looking for alternatives. They do not want to have to buy the collapsible chairs, or another expensive couch, or on camping chairs. Our product brings the best of those worlds. Its design allows for easy use in a multitude of situations and is a perfect alternative to current seating designs.

Our distinctive competencies

What really separates us from others is our schooling and desire to succeed. We are an engineering group comprised of multiple disciplines of engineering. We are well versed in cardboard and have a great understanding of how its made and the properties of the cardboard.

The substitutes & alternatives

Current substitutes and alternatives are bulky and clumsy. They are chars that are rigid in design and have the distinctive look of cardboard. Their products are not weather proof and do not have a changeable design.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Cabin Owner

We are offering furniture that can be easily stored and is compact so only needed when there is extra people at your events and you need more seating.

Promise a strong effective piece of furniture. That is easy to fold and can be stored in your household.

Our second key person


Looking to make a smaller carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly makes people feel like they are doing good in the world.

We promise a product made of recycled materials.

Our third key person


We will be creating a product that is lightweight. Is easy to fold and can be used outside without worry of weather damage.

Promise a product which wont be affected by water and wont catch on fire when it is near campfires.


Your feedback and ideas

Feedback on our idea and your assessment of it are incredibly important. Please provide yours below.

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