Our Idea

Who are we?

Trevor Harding

  • Finance & Sales
    • Oversees financial upkeep of the gaming hub in our Weekly games, Monthly League Finals, and Annual Championships
    • Currently works in a finance role in a large multi-national company handling multi-million-dollar projects. His expertise in this area will be beneficial in financially keeping the Calgary eSports Gaming Hub going.

Rachel Lee

  • Event Management
    • Role
      • Oversees venue bookings
      • Development, production and delivery of projects from proposal right up to delivery.
      • Delivering events on time, within budget, that meet (and hopefully exceed) expectations.
      • Managing supplier relationships
      • Managing operational and administrative functions to ensure specific projects are delivered efficiently
    • Experience
      • Has worked as an Event Planner for numerous organizations booking venues and delivering events on a tight schedule and budget


Ayed Althobiti

  • Gaming Customer Experience Manager
    • Role
      • Working closely with the Event Planner, the Gaming Customer Experience Manager will decide how the events and weekly games will be set up to a typical gaming league or gaming internet café.
    • Experience
      • Is currently a semi-pro gamer who has participated in numerous national and international professional gaming leagues. Knows how gaming events should be set up and what the gamers need to feel comfortable while playing.

Lily Saks

  • IT Manager
    • Role
      • Maintains computer and server equipment
      • Monitors the organization’s operational requirements, researches strategies and technology solutions, and builds the most cost-effective and efficient system to achieve those goals.
    • Experience
      • Is currently working in the area of server management at a large multi-national corporation and her experience in this area will be vital in ensuring that our systems are kept up and running during the weekly gaming sessions and other events.

Benjamin Pires

  • Community Outreach Manager
    • Role
      • Working closely with the Gaming Customer Experience Manager, the Community Outreach Manager will be interacting with the customer base and potential customer base through online forums and other mediums to see what gamers would like to see at our gaming sessions and events.
    • Experience
      • Has worked with notable gaming companies in this similar role reaching out to the gaming community to see what they would like to see in current games as online content.

What are we offering?

-Team-versus-team PC recreational gaming league in an online & physical space (bring-your-own-computer) for adult gamers

-Real-time moderated private games (by real people that are familiar with the game)
-ENFORCED elevated code-of-conduct to remove toxic gaming environment
-Prizes from sponsors
-Continuous ANNUAL league with Monthly tournament finales based on a round-robin with a set 1-hour/week min commitment based on team’s day of week choice ( like how Calgary Sports and Social Club runs their sports leagues)

Who are we offering it to?

-Adult gamers (18+) for now.

-Adults that want to play a certain game with their friends, but do not due to the toxicity online.

-Adults that want to play without the toxicity online.

-Adults that want to try to learn to play a game but fear, or get frustrated at  the comments made about them online

-Adults that want to enjoy the competitive side of a game they love, without the 2-day, or 4-day in a row commitment.


Why does that person care?

Because the toxic environment can’t be avoided online, but that doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t want to play the game.

Because not everyone can simply “ignore” the comments.

Because many have friends who play online games, and want to play with them but cannot handle the community/culture that is present in those games.

Because the negativity is draining and can affect someone’s life offline.

Because they are able to play in a competitive environment without the 2-day (or more) in a row commitment that both local and online options only offer.


Our distinctive competencies

-ONLY league in Calgary offering weekly games, AND  continuous leagues, AND in-game moderators.
-BIG Companies are trying to remove toxicity, but algorithms and censoring single words don’t help much. It’s NOT feasible for them to have in-game moderators, but it is for US. We are changing the community & culture of gaming 1 at a time.

-Being Engineers we are able to utilize the source code provided by most gaming companies to create these private games.

-Being Engineers, we have the resources & experience to create a website with responsive elements & a server & handle the data/up keep of the team points accumulated for the Annual Championship

-We ARE gamers, and we understand what our customers want bc we are them.
-We have a code-of-conduct beyond “no cheating” with actual repercussions that escalate with # of offenses rather than simply banning someone which doesn’t teach them much.
-We have an ex CS-GO semi-pro gamer who can give tutorial sessions on CS-GO.
-We know local gamers because we are around the age of our target market
-We are able to reach out to University Gaming Clubs because we are University students.

The substitutes & alternatives

A few alternatives to our idea are:

  1. instead of adults socializing and playing games with new people, they would just play eSports online at home but have to endure all of the uncensored toxicity
  2. Join another “internet cafe” style gaming hub called the “Node” in Calgary. However, through numerous negative reviews and lack of  event variety this cafe has quickly become obsolete as apparent from it’s traffic numbers
  3. Adults can just stop playing online games and move to single player games which feels lonely after time. However they would be missing out on the fun online games they do want to play but can’t because they don’t want to deal with that toxicity. (e.g. Ben from our group would love to play online games because they look really fun, however he doesn’t because he doesn’t want to receive any of those toxic comments, so he just sticks with single player games which gets lonely).


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Who Cares? JIMMY

What do you know about them?

  • He quit games because of the toxicity
  • He is an adult gamer

Why do they care?

  • He wants to play in a nontoxic gaming environment
  • He wants to socialize in a community of gamers

What’s your promise? 

  • Offering a friendly competitive and casual LAN gaming experience and online experience.
  • All players will abide a code of conduct to insure a non toxic gaming experience.
  • All matches will be moderated by CESH.

How will you message them?

  • Throughout social media ads.
  • distribute brochures.
  • Radio ad.

Our second key person

Who Cares? BOBBY

What do you know about them? 

  • He is a venue promoter and hotel manager.
  • He is interested in renting their venue for a good event to attract business

Why do they care? 

  • Running a large hotel with not much traffic takes a hit on revenue. He wants to attract a new demographic of people by allowing us to  to rent his venue for our events.

What’s your promise? 

  • To use the venue and the equipment and return them safely

How will you message them?

  • By emailing them or visiting the venues.


Our third key person

Who Cares? ALICE

What do you know about them? 

  • She works in the marketing company of a gaming tech company

Why do they care? 

  • She wants to promote their product for the gaming community

What’s your promise?

  • We are offering to put their logos and product in visible places, so all of our audience can be exposed to it.

How will you message them?

  • By them emailing us through word of mouth or public visibility; or by us emailing them for potential partnerships
  • Or by visiting their companies in person



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