Our Idea

Who are we?

We are collectively known as the designers of “BookIt!”. We are a team of motivated and diverse engineering students who have a strong working experience at the university. As upper year students, we have personally experienced the same need every student experiences which gives us a complete understanding of our users’ demands. Several of us have worked at the facilities that provide study spaces and have experience in app/web development, giving us the competencies to satisfy the customers’ needs.


What are we offering?

“Bookit!” is an app that allows students to reserve spots in study spaces across campus. It provides unique functionalities which include:

  • Display of seating availability per building: the app shows a list of study spaces and a percentage of availability of seats. It will also show an overview of the spots for users and non-users.
  • Reserving a seat: the user selects building, floor and an available seat and gets a certain amount of time to reach it. The app regularly checks students’ locations using GPS.  
  • Leaving temporarily: the “BRB” function allows students to leave for a short period of time while retaining their seat.
  • Leaving for good: the “Leave” function renders the seat available immediately.

Who are we offering it to?

We are offering are app to the University of Calgary. Our app serves the University of Calgary, but it is designed for a student, ex. John, who focuses better at school and has a busy schedule. For instance, John has many assignments to finish and exams to study for in so little time that he does not have the time or patience to find a study spot since he knows all the spots will be full by the time he gets there. The app is used to target students, like John, so that they can feel better about working productively at school without the hassle, and have an organized schedule. This helps students to finish all his coursework as deadlines approach.

Why does that person care?

Without the app, many students like John struggle to find an ideal spot at any study space. Unsuccessful effort to find a spot decreases the number of students studying at each facility that have study spaces. As a result, students will discontinue studying at school which puts the University at a loss.

However, with the use of our app, it will eliminate or reduce the amount of time spent searching for a good study spot for users. Our app is FREE for students, user friendly and easy to use. Users can easily reserve a spot of their choice within seconds and get them feeling better than before.

Overall, it gives users an incentive to use the app and study at school. It will also benefit the University since the study spaces will be used more efficiently and students’ satisfaction will increase.

Our distinctive competencies

The service we intend to offer simply does not exist yet. Our intent is to work in cooperation with the University of Calgary, so it would be difficult to emulate our service with nothing but a similar app, making it very difficult for competition to imitate what we offer.

The substitutes & alternatives

The only remotely similar service offered by the university is the workroom booking system, which allows students to book the room online for a maximum of two hours. 

Alternatively, students who want to save their study spot often leave their belongings behind or ask neighbors to hold their seat.

Our app is unique in that it allows students to reserve spots other than workrooms at TFDL, ensures that reservations are kept, and prevents personal items from being stolen.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is the main user of this app; the student. Students need a space to study to achieve their highest potential in school. Most have a very busy schedule, and a problem they face is not being able to find a study space in a timely manner. With a heavy backpack, walking around campus in search of a place to study is very time consuming and difficult. This app gives the student a cheap and efficient way to save their spot, overall greatly reducing the time spent on finding study spaces. It allows them to save their spot for a break as well, without having the need to trust strangers to watch over their belongings. Our promise to them is that they will enjoy the easy use of this app and appreciate the ability to reserve seats prior to coming to the library.

Our second key person

Our second key person would be the monitor and implementer of this app; the librarian. It is very difficult to manage and keep track of students belongings in a big library and the issue of theft arises even when librarians are there to monitor. With our app, it becomes much easier for librarians to keep track of data and monitor space usage. It also reduces the amount of complaints received by librarians regarding the unattended belongings of students. We promise that this app will help reduce theft issues and promote students to use library spaces responsibly and effectively.

Our third key person

The head of the university would need to approve and make accommodations for this app to be implemented. This is an important app for the person in charge because it will not only give the university a higher ranking and reputation, but also ensure a lower number of complaints from students and staff regarding library use. The app will also provide the university with accurate data to keep for surveying and further research. Though a small fee of 50 cents per semester would be required per student, we promise that this app will increase students and staff satisfaction and cooperation.


Your feedback and ideas

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