Foldable Cardboard Business Cards 

Our Idea

Who are we?

I’m a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Calgary and have enjoyed folding paper and cardboard since I was little. I also have a network of others who have complementary skills such as marketing and accounting. They would gladly help me out occasionally.

We have experience in various areas. My friends have experience in marketing and some spare time to help out on a small venture in return for some of the spoils. I am good at folding paper. I also have knowledge of CAD and how to use tools not common in the industry such as laser cutters as well as standard equipment like printers and scanners.

Though we have full time jobs we have enough time for side projects that boost our resumes and make a profit.

What are we offering?

We are offering a unique method of promoting your business by making things stand out from the page. Our products are folded into desktop trinkets to make life more colorful as well as advertise. There won’t be anybody in the room with anything similar to you.

These products are split into a few different groups including cardboard cut outs, small fold-able promotional materials, and dynamic presentation aids. They are part of the same family and share the traits of unconventional manufacturing techniques, final form requiring folding, not being flat on the page, and requiring the same skills to make.


Who are we offering it to?

This product is mainly for professionals in creative industries such as graphics or website design but also for anyone looking to establish a brand such as realtors, financial agents, and freelancers. Our designs bring their ideas off the page and make them memorable. This keeps them in their clients minds longer so their goals such as making a sale or promoting a brand are better accomplished.

A secondary market are job searchers who want to stand out. What better way to stand out than having a promotional material doubling as a desk trinket?

Why does that person care?

People care because personal branding is everything and a person’s net worth is their network. Businesses also need sales to exist, without sales, no business. This product will help them keep their sales pipeline full.

This product also shows creativity, which is important to people that sell creativity such as web designers, graphics designers, and artists. It helps potential clients think of them as creative because they are marketing in a different way.

Many businesses are looking to get a head of their competition, this is one way to do it.

Our distinctive competencies

We have time on our hands. This is a side project for us so we can handle small revenues with small time commitments. We are fine to spend a few hours per week on this since the money we need to live comes from elsewhere. Our risk is small.

The skills and equipment needed to duplicate this are not common. Printing staff are not good at origami nor do many of them have access to lasers. Having the background we do gives us an advantage.

Our team has diverse backgrounds and experiences. Some of us are marketers, others are engineers, our skills complement each other.

The substitutes & alternatives

Status Quo

Standard business cards

Business card holders

Standard resumes

Printed merchandise (pens, cups, lanyards, thumb drives, cheap backpacks, etc)

Things people choose instead of our product

pop up stands

handwritten notes



Our Pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is a creative freelancer in web design, realty, or graphic design. They are chosen because they are easy to access, value brand image, and need to showcase their creativity. They could also provide us with good feedback as we get started and they have friends they can promote us to.

They care because they want to advance their brand and prove they are creative.

Our promise to them is you will be more memorable to your clients and you will advance your brand.

Our second key person

Our second key person is the active job searcher.

They care because they want to set themselves apart from their competition and be memorable.

Our promise to them is you will be remembered as the most creative person the recruiter had talked to that day.

Our third key person

Our third key person is a local exterminator.

They care because they need advertising for their services and this is a great way to remind people to get a professional when they have a problem. We can use the same skills required to make fold able items from paper and cardboard to make fold able cardboard mousetraps. These would be cheap enough to give to people but not effective enough to totally eliminate the problem. And when the homeowner sets a trap or catches a mouse the second thing they will see after the dead mouse is the name of the exterminator and their phone number.

Our promise to them is by putting a free mousetrap in every home we also put in free reminders to call the professionals.


Your feedback and ideas

Feedback on our idea and your assessment of it are incredibly important. Please provide yours below.

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    Value proposition (VP)


    Substitutes & alternatives (SA)


    People (P) on the team


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  2. Customer (C)


    Value proposition (VP)


    Substitutes & alternatives (SA)


    People (P) on the team


    Offering (O)


    Distinctive competencies (DC)