E-Z cage hygiene  

Taking the grunt work out of cage cleanliness

Our Idea

Who are we?

My name is Lily. I’m a bird owner of three lovely cockatiels, and I’m acquainted with the struggles of cleaning bird cages. I’ve bought so many different solutions in the market to try to simplify the cage maintenance process to no avail. I’ve had to scrub and vacuum no matter what solutions I used.

As an engineer, I’ve designed a solution for this problem using my experience in drafting, entrepreneurship, and a profound understand of what bird owners today need to simplify their lives.

What are we offering?

We are offering a cardboard bird cage lining with curved plastic edges (that holds on to the cardboard) so that it catches all droppings, and the birds can’t start chewing the edges. When dirty, you can remove the plastic edges, dispose of the cardboard, wash the plastic edges, and insert a new cardboard. We sell different sizes, according to the size dimensions of the bird cage. The cardboard is coated with a water-resistant, food grade layer


Cross-section of one side of plastic liner


Whole system

At the early stage of the venture, we will be selling in stores common and popular sizes of the product based on the best selling cages at the pet store. However, we want to help all our clients, and so we will be providing them customized products online based on the dimensions of their cage.

As the venture grows, we will hope to strike deals with the cage manufacturers such that each cage can include our product with proper dimensions.

Who are we offering it to?

There are two types of customers: Bird owners who are tired of scrubbing bird cages with brushes, and reaching into hard to reach places, which puts the body in an awkward and uncomfortable position. The second type are also bird owners, but who don’t have time to maintain the clealiness of their cage.

As of the summer of 2015, 7% of Canadian households own birds. That’s 2.54 million households that are part of our potential market. If we apply the same statistic to Calgary, where our reachable market of busy and responsible bird owners resides, that sums up to around 87 000 reachable customers.

Why does that person care?

It gives people a simple way of keeping the bird cage clean of droppings without having to do hard manual labour (scrubbing with a brush). The lining stays put, and cannot be chewed by the birds, unlike the alternative linings in the market today. It’s also very easy and quick to use.

Our distinctive competencies

I understand the struggle of bird ownership, as a bird owner myself. As an engineer, I can properly derive solutions that best meet bird owner needs, with consideration for the health and safety of the birds.

Further, I have the CAD and drafting skills needed to design the best bird cage hygiene products, as well as the entrepreneurship know-how.

I also have materials experts in my network that are willing to help with the design process of this product.


The substitutes & alternatives

There are current cage liners in the market today, however, these liners fit under the floor grid, which cause bird droppings to stick on the grid.

You could use other materials such as paper towels, or normal cardboard, over top the cage grid, however, those materials get eaten up and torn up by the birds, which causes even more of a mess.

Plastic or plexiglass platforms that sit on the bottom of the cage could be another alternative, however, they need some kind of folding mechanism to get them through the door of the cage, and since they’re too expensive to throw away (or if you did throw it away, it would not be eco-friendly), they do not make a good alternative.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Rima is a cockatiel owner. She has huge cage, a busy life, and high standards for cleanliness.

She’s already exhausted from her everyday life where she has a tough day at work, only to come back and spend hours cleaning the house. The last thing she wants to do is scrub cages. She currently uses a different liner for her cage, where she has to clean it every day. Our product gives her an easy and painless way of maintaining cage hygiene, prevent her from being exhausted while cleaning the cage, and give her more spare time.

No longer will she have to spend time vacuuming crumbs and washing away poop from her liner. Our affordable product maintains cleanliness effortlessly.

Rima will hear about our product from social media ads, where there are countless of accounts on instagram, reddit, facebook dedicated to pet parrots. We will also be using social media giveaways and contests to reach Rima. Finally, we will be advertising using the parrot rescue foundation for anyone like Rima who is looking to adopt a pet bird.

Our second key person

Meet Kenny. His family owns budgies. To keep their cage clean, they Line the cage with paper towels underneath the grid floor.

He could maintain higher degree of cage hygiene if he uses E-Z Cage Hygiene product instead of paper towels. Not only do paper towels spill a lot of seeds, but you’re also getting droppings stuck on the grid.

Our promise to Kenny and his family is that we’ll make your cage more hygienic with just as much effort as before. 

Kenny will hear about our product from social media ads, where there are countless of accounts on instagram, reddit, facebook dedicated to pet parrots. We will also be using social media giveaways and contests to reach Kenny. Finally, we will be advertising using the parrot rescue foundation for anyone like Kenny who is looking to adopt a pet bird.

Our third key person

Dave is a local pet store owner

Having our product in his store allows customers to have much more diversity when they select cleaning products from the store. It gives people an incentive to stop using paper towels and newspapers and use our product for just a little bit more cost, but less cost than other liners

Our product is an effective solution for maintaining cage cleanliness

Dave will hear about our product from networking opportunities  with local (non-franchise) pet stores


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    Well done. cannot wait to see this in stores!