Save the planet, one shirt at a time.

Our Idea

Who are we?

We are a diverse group of multi-disciplinary engineers with a passion for the environment and years of retail management experience. Our dream is to be in every closet in every house in every corner of the globe. Revolutionizing the clothing shipping market is our priority by eliminating plastic hangers and reducing the amount of cardboard shipping boxes reaching landfills each year.

Each person on our team is dedicated to the proliferation of this concept into our society. With individuals with shipping experience to individuals with varied manufacturing knowledge, you can be sure our product has been thought through from tree to closet. We are Box to Closet.


What are we offering?

What we are offering has been done before but it has never been done like this. We are offering a structurally sound box for shipping clothing articles and unique reusable hanger that assembles in seconds and is ready for your closet.

We bring you an equivalent box for shipping with negligible weight increase compared to current boxes that can easily be implemented into your current shipping processes. The box when delivered to the customer can then be folded within seconds into a simple hanger that can support even the heaviest items.

This is an environmentally friendly option for retailers and consumers with additionally branding options available to make sure your companies name isn’t only on the clothes. You are able to reduce your environmental footprint and satisfy shareholders.

Who are we offering it to?

This product is ideal for anyone that ships boxes of clothes domestically or internationally. We want to be your choice for shipping boxes whether you are a unique clothing brand in a small town to the biggest retailer in cities across the world. If there is demand for your items we can pack it and we can hang it.

Third party retailers can have a distinct advantage with this product as you can market both your services and the services of your client on the same box. You can become a more significant part of the shopping experience.

For small businesses, we are your gateway to the world. Our hangers will get your name into closets far and wide and as we expand we hope to be your resusable storage solution for the foreseeable future.


Why does that person care?

A simple google search will show you that this idea is in no means unique. What we can show you is that there is no one on earth that can do what we do in such an efficient and cost effective manner.

Embracing our idea to be in every closet worldwide means becoming part of an environmental movement that will cost your company very little on top of what you are paying other cardboard box companies to do less than we can. Additionally, becoming such an advocate for the environment can generate healthier business practices elsewhere in your business and draw people to your items.

You’re going to ship the boxes anyway, why not make a difference. Be the movement that can improve our world while improving your branding quickly and discretely.

Our distinctive competencies

What makes us unique compared to others that have tried this before is varied and exciting. Firstly, we have a fully patented manufacturing process for our boxes that cannot be imitated without infringement which allows us to offer you our product at a price point the others cannot. Additionally, a critical component of our assembly includes an adhesive strip that we produce in house so we are completely self dependent in our manufacturing other than the raw material.

Secondly, our unique team has come up with the simplest possible folding assembly process for the hangar that is printed on the inside of the boxes that takes just seconds to assemble. This distinct advantage places us ahead of other firms which have much more complex assembly systems for their hangers.

Finally, our product has significant strength advantages to others on the market that our team of engineers has come up with. Our lightweight ribbing design can support any and all clothes which in combination with the above specifications sets us apart from everyone else.

The substitutes & alternatives

The alternative to using our product is simple. Continue using current boxes. The failure here is that the costs of implementing our product is so low and provides such a unique advantage that it almost doesn’t make sense not to.

There are substitutes, but none can do what we do for such a low cost due to our research and intangibles coming from our diverse team.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Amancio Ortega, the owner of Zara and the rest of the brands of the Inditex group of retailers.

They care because in the ever expanding world of online shopping, clothing companies have a unique position in that most of their items need to be stored in a certain way to maintain their integrity. We provide a unique additional branding option and tool on top of the already required box for shipping. They can be the whole package for shipping and storage of their products with the consumer. Additionally, our product makes his companies more environmentally friendly without changing anything other than the type of boxes they use and what company doesn’t want to be more green in this day and age.

Our promise to him is to provide a unique and functional shipping solution that doubles as a free marketing tool. We have a distinct product with specialized manufacturing that only we can offer at a low price. We promise to save thousands of boxes that his items ship in from hitting the landfill.

Our second key person

Our second key person is Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

They care because they are the head of one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world that sell clothes on the behalf of other sellers and retailers on an electronic platform and then ship them all around the world. They use millions of cardboard boxes each year to ship their goods and can reduce their environmentally footprint by using our product for shipping clothes. Additionally, they can make their company become an even more integral part of the clothes shopping experience because their branding can appear along with the actual retailers name inside closets around the world. Environmental moves at such a high quantity can only be positive for a firm like this and at a price point similar to what they are currently paying for their boxes, not much is preventing them from making the move to our product.

Our promise to them is to always have a supply of uniquely manufactured boxes for shipping clothes from retailers on their platform that can then be transformed into hangars and reused to reduce the environmental footprint of the shipping process they play such a critical role in. We will always keep a low price point due to our distinct competencies and progress with the market as it demands.

Our third key person

Our third key person is the owner of Less 17 clothing store in Calgary, Alberta.

They care because they are an exciting young company that is getting into selling their products online. By choosing our product they make themselves more unique as potential early adopters by being both the box and the hanger for their exciting clothes. Low environmental footprint and low costs with a small firm like this can only be positive and help them grow and prosper into expansion or whatever their goals may be.

Our promise to them is to always be available to the little guy and be dynamic in the marketplace. We will always offer them the same price point that only varies based on raw materials and we promise to always provide the highest quality boxes and hangers that will help spread their brand across the country.


Your feedback and ideas

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