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Our Idea

Who are we?

I am a student with experience in programing and DIY. I love pets. I am looking forward to help people who have a dog but do not have enough time to feed them.

What are we offering?

An automatic pets feeder for them which could provide food for pets automatically in pets eating time. So they do not need to worry about their pets when they not at home.

Who are we offering it to?

People who do not have time to feed their pets on time such as students, officers who are not work at home. The dealers who are interested in selling pets food dispenser.

Why does that person care?

For people who have pets most of them love their pets very much, When they eating lunch or food at noon, they will worry whether their pets eat lunch too.But they may not have enough time to feed their pets because they need to work, study….For dealers they hope sale good product with low cost to get profit.

Our distinctive competencies

The price. The general pets food dispenser need 80-150 dollars, our product only need 20-30 dollars which is more cheaper than other similar feeders. Because our product made by cardboard. On the other hand it more environmental protection.

The substitutes & alternatives

The automatic pets feeder is more cheaper compared with other food dispenser which has similar functions. Also most of the type of automatic pets feeder only focus on how to provide food on time. For the automatic pets feeder it allow the pets owner set the amount that their pets needed, prevent pets eat too much. Beside that it consist of a water provider which more pets friendly to provide pets feel thirsty.


Our Pitch


The Value

Our first key person

The information in these areas is based on your work with the Value Proposition Wheel and the other related tools in the Idea Maker course.

Our first key person is student

They care because they do not have feasible time schedule, they have to study at school, sometime they don’t have time to feed their pets, also, they don’t have enough money to buy expensive automatic pets food dispenser, so they care about the product price

Our promise to them is that more easy way to feed their pets and make sure their pets could eat food on time. Also, lower price than any other dispenser which have same function.

Our second key person

Our second key person is officer.

They care because most of people who have pets, like their pets very much. Sometime busy work will let them forget their pets, and sometimes the business trip for a few days will cause nobody feed their pets. Most of this part people have a food dispenser. Will the food dispenser just can make sure that food can be send to pets cannot control the amount of the food being provide and the time when give food to pets, they care about whether their pets eat right amount of food wo keep health

Our promise to them is that this product will provide accurate amount of food for pets at the time that pets owner set to make sure the pets will not eat too much or eat less to have impact on their health.

Our third key person

Our third key person is pets food feeder dealers.

They care because they want to sale good product with low cost to get profits, and also, they want to sale more competition products to appeal customer to buy it

Our promise to them is that low price compared with any other product with has similar function.


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