Team Lux Presents: The Infinity Duffel

Our Idea

Who are we?

We are Lux, a group of innovative engineers who are striving to solve a problem that most people have, but no real solution exists up to this point.Link to our people page:


What are we offering?

A bag with a zipper that has stretchy material around it so that it is easier to zip up bags that are full of books / gear / clothes. The main selling point is that the bag conforms to the oversized load.



Who are we offering it to?

University students, starting out with basketball teams that have shoes, jersey, water bottle and the basketball to fit into a bag. We will then shift out to the entire university student body once our design catches on.   

Why does that person care?

Zipping up bags full of items usually takes more than one person, and can eventually tear the zipper. Our design will add in durability and ease of us.

Our distinctive competencies

We will add our own signature woodburning touch to the bag to stand out from other

designs. We are also in the right age range as our target audience, and we know student athletes on a personal level.

The substitutes & alternatives

  • Buying a bigger bag which is more expensive and cumbersome
  • Expandable drawstring bags where the rope wears out
  • Tearing or ripping your zipper on your bag due to overstuffing


Our Pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Jacob, a university basketball player.

They care because it allows them to fit the ball, their basketball jersey, hightop shoes, water bottle, shorts and socks all in one bag without having to struggle to get it all in there.

Our promise to them is to fit all of these articles of clothing and accessories in one bag without any additional bag add on such as a mesh net. Our bag offers a more clean and professional look, as well as a wood burned team logo and player name and number.

Our second key person

Our second key person is Stella.

They care because she is a student that loves to travel the world who collects items and doesn’t want to travel with multiple bags. She also prefers to only have carry on luggage.

Our promise to them is to provide a bag that is big enough and can expand to accommodate all of her belongings, but one that will also satisfy airline restrictions for carry on bag sizes. It will also be durable and comfortable for those long trips away from home.

Our third key person

Our third key person is Mark.

They care because he commutes to and from work out of town. He’s a businessman that packs for a whole day in the city. He works out at lunch and has to have a bag that can fit his lunch and all of his gym clothes.

Our promise to them is a bag that is versatile, professional for his workplace setting and one that has accessible compartments and is easy to carry.


Your feedback and ideas

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