Our Idea

Who are we?

We are a team of engineers with a passion for helping patients of heart disease by providing a greater sense of security to those at risk of cardiac arrest.

Our group have volunteered with Heart and Stroke Foundation and understand the large number of people affected by heart disease. We have people in our lives who are also diagnosed by it.

Ankit has connected with cardiologists who have stated interest in our device and they are willing to collaborate with us. Rahul has connection with geomatics professionals specializing in GPS systems and with medical professionals. Soumen has led several robotics and STEM leadership activities. He has connections with a network supply chain management professionals. Simat extensive experience of design, assembly and fabrication of mechanisms. Rohit brings in expertise in the field of QA/QC. He also knows several IT experts specializing in satellite communications. Xiang takes care of our iOS and Android app development. He has the required debugging and testing skill in multiple programming languages.

What are we offering?

We are offering a comfortable, wearable device called LUB-DUB that monitors and displays heart rate and is able to alert authorities, family members, and/or caregivers immediately in the event of a cardiac arrest. It’ll provide authorities with your location with the use of a built-in cell antenna. The device has a visual and audible alert. For example, “Warning! This person is experiencing a heart attack and the authorities have been contacted.” We are also partnering up with Red Cross to gain a network of CPR certified personnel to attend emergencies if they happened to be near the patient suffering from cardiac arrest. Our app also helps us to sync your valuable heart-rate data which you can share with your personal doctor. LUB-DUB comes with two portable chargers so you don’t have to worry about it running out of battery.

Additional features include

  • Water Resistance: You can easily use the device in the shower or swimming
  • GPS tracking: Your precise coordinates up to four decimal digits will get transmitted in case of an emergency
  • Manual alert signals: You can manually press the button to alert the authorities. You can also cancel signal transmission within its initial 4 seconds.
  • Charging: The device will come with a portable charger that will easily stick to the charging port while you’re wearing the device.
  • Low Battery Alert: The app associated with the device will send a notification to your phone when the device battery will go below 25 percent. It will also have a visual warning yellow light for low battery.
  • Bluetooth and digital watch

Who are we offering it to?

We are offering this as a life-saving device for patients at risk of cardiac arrest. In the event of a medical emergency, the patient may not have the chance to call for help or may be alone. We are going to automate the process so authorities are alerted immediately with patient’s current location. We will be reaching these patients through the help of cardiologists and the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s events.

Why does that person care?

We offer the user a greater sense of security because they know that if they are experiencing by a medical emergency related to cardiac arrest, authorities will be contacted as soon as possible. Early connection to these people will mean the difference between life and death. Since the cardiologists will be prescribing it to their patients, the cost of our device may be covered by insurance. The heart-rate data collected through the app will help the cardiologists get a better understanding of the cardiovascular system of their patients.


Our distinctive competencies

Our smart wrist device can automatically and manually alert the authorities by messaging 911. It will also have a GPS tracker to help authorities to find the person in need of medical attention. Other products do not offer this life saving feature. There will not be a cell phone required as our device will have a cell antenna. We did extensive patent research to figure out if any similar patent exist. As a result, we found out that no such patents exist. Since our idea is simple, unique and novel, we can easily submit a patent application. For additional technical support, we will have a physical manual, website manual, you-tube tutorials and technical support team who will help you set up the device. We are partnering up with Red Cross to reach out to the network of CPR certified professionals. These CPR professionals will be notified if they are within 2 km radius of the patient. The device has a visual and audible alert for bystanders who are not part of our CPR network.

The substitutes & alternatives

The following chart lists the current alternatives and substitutes in the market and also compares our product’s features.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is a patient who are diagnosed with a heart disease.

They care because they are at a high risk of heart failure and chances are they could be alone and unable to signal for help during an emergency. Lub-Dub provides fast automated alert to the authorities. This reduces the response time of first responders which means the difference between life and death to that patient. Our product provides Peace of mind and great sense of security. Lub-Dub also stores heart-rate data which can be shared with cardiologists to improve the diagnostics. The cost of our product can potentially be covered by insurance.

Our second key person

Our second key person is the Cardiologist who is prescribing our product to the patients who are diagnosed with a heart-disease.

The Cardiologist is an expert in his/her field and has shown great interest in our product.

The Cardiologist cares because our product can potentially increase the survival rate of his/her patients. In addition, the stored heart-rate data trend can aid in the improvement of cardiovascular diagnostic. Our promise to the Cardiologist is to provide accurate data about his/her patients health trends with our product.

Our third key person

Our third key person is the immediate family member of a patient diagnosed with a heart disease.

The family member care because they are sentimentally attached to the patient and may also feel the responsibility for the their well-being. Our product sends immediate notification to the family member in the event of a cardia arrest. Although the family member may not be able to reach in time, he/she have the peace of mind knowing 911 has been altered, and other CPR professional may be around to provide assistance. To conclude, family member should care because our product definitely has the potential to increase the patient’s survival.


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