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Our Idea

Who are we?

I am a motivated engineer, who has the skills to successfully develop a solution to heat waves occurring and taking the lives of many around the world. I am from Karachi, Pakistan, where extreme heat waves attack every summer and more than 2000 people die from heat stroke. I have personally worked with non-profit organizations located in Karachi that work with enabling those deprived of their basic needs of life, such as water and food. I plan to further work with them to enable a solution to extreme thermal conditions, providing shade to those in need.

What are we offering?

A cheap, hands-free, simple and compact solution to the many deaths caused by heat waves around the world. The Brella is an easy to assemble, easy to use shade that fits in many functions. It is essentially made out of cardboard, which has a low thermal conductivity, allowing the Brella to block heat transfer. The Brella comes with different attachable parts for more convenience, such as an attachment that allows it to be worn on the head, preferably for workers in the heat who need this hands-free solution. Another attachment is the backpack solution, that allows one to wear the Brella over the shoulders. This product comes in many sizes, depending on how many people want to be under it; the bigger sizes can cover a whole family! There is a fastener at the top of the dome of the Brella, which allows it to close into a compact triangle, by rotating the wings on top of each other and placing them in the specific box given. This product will cost less than a dollar and it has the potential to save so many lives.

Who are we offering it to?

This product is offered to foundations made to help people fulfil their basic needs, and specifically the need to life under extreme heat conditions. This issue is mostly risen around Africa, Asia, and other countries close to the equator. We will begin by targeting specific cities that currently face this issue firsthand, such as Karachi. In Karachi, the Care and Relief Foundation will purchase this product from us, according to need, and it will be their responsibility to distribute them to users as they may. Similarly, in other parts of the world as well, we will work with foundations that already have the passion for saving a life, with something as simple as just providing shade.

Why does that person care?

The foundations that work towards fulfilling the basic needs of people already have the passion and care to help people and give them what they need. They care because it will save people from the severe heat conditions and still allow them to earn for their family, while also preventing death ultimately. The foundation will have a simple, cheap option to save those they care about.

The user will find our product very easy to use, with a variety of functions and attachments depending on their specific needs. The main function will be saving them from heat stroke and allow them to continue with their life with this hands free alternative.

Our distinctive competencies

I have volunteered with similar foundations that are passionate to make a change in the lives of people in need. My brother is the CEO of Ascovime Canada, an organization that fights illiteracy and diseases in the rural parts of Africa by providing free medical care and school supplies to those in need. My cousins in Karachi have started their own foundation and work closely with the Care and Relief Foundation to serve food on the streets to those in need, especially in the month of fasting. I know this issue firsthand because I am originally from an area that faces the extreme heat every summer.

The substitutes & alternatives

The targeted users for the Brella are homeless, which means they have no shelter over their head. The alternative to using Brella as a shade for these users would be to find trees or other sources of shade. Sitting under a tree or tall building prevents them from continuing work because they are bound to that one area. On the other hand, Brella gives them the hands free shade, with the necessary attachments, they are able to continue with their life and still be safe from the extensive heat.

A substitute would be to buy a regular umbrella, or even an umbrella hat, which range from $7.00 to about $70.00. Most of the users, who are homeless, cannot afford $7, or even 3 meals a day. Our solution costs less than a dollar and the organizations will be more willing to buy a cheaper but still compatible solution.

Another substitute would be to wear a cap. This goes straight on the head and covers the whole scalp. According to the National Health Service, tight hats can trap oils at your hair’s roots and leave the ends dry. When hair gets greasy, the circulation of oxygen to your follicles may be obstructed and dirt and bacteria may build up, potentially causing hair to fall out. In extreme heat, hats also create so much discomfort for the user because of the increase of sweat.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

UN estimates that around 20 million people are homeless in Pakistan; that means around 20 million people face the heat without a shade over their head just in Pakistan. They are still working to earn for their families and children, but in severe conditions. Our key person would be the person working in these heat conditions, to help provide a shade while they continue working.

Most of these people are afraid to quit working because they fear not only their own death, but the death of their family from poverty. Our promise to this person is that they will not have to quit working and earning for their family. This solution allows for various usabilities and can adjust to their needs accordingly.

Our second key person

Our second key person is the Head of Procurement of the foundation targeted to buy our product. Profit foundations, such as those that collect annual Zakat (money) like the Islamic Relief Foundation are constantly searching for ways to better the living conditions of people across the world. They care because they are already on the path of helping others, and this product gives them a simple and cheap solution to a major problem in most areas near the equator.

Our promise to them is that the products we supply will be whole and easy to use. If there are any issues, they can send them back to us and we will provide a new one for free. This solution will not cost them more than a dollar each, without the attachments, and we can also distribute the product to people for an additional cost.

Our third key person

Our third key person is the manufacturer of Brella. Our first prototype will be shown to Umbrella Master, the largest umbrella production base. Once they agree to manufacture it, they will receive 20% of the commission. They care because not only are they receiving part of the profit, but they are located in the hottest part of China, and they face this issue every summer as well.

Our promise to them is that once we have a contract together, no one else is legally allowed to manufacture this product. Their company will be exclusive.


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