A convenient way to start a fire, no matter the weather

Our Idea

Who are we?

I am a mechanical engineering graduate who frequently holds outdoor picnics with friends in the summer. As a outdoors cook in Calgary, I know how frustrating it can be when the weather changes and the fire just wont start.

Along with sharing your problems, I am also experience in product design and entrepreneurship. As a mechanical engineering student, I understand material properties and can design a safe product to meet your standards. Also, I am well versed in entrepreneurship, with Venture Design Studio under my belt. With these skills and experiences, I can create a product to suit your outdoor cooking needs. 

What are we offering?

Lyte is a fire starter for the outdoor lover. The product is a 1.5″ cube of your fire starting essentials. The shell of the cube is built out of cardboard, with flammable materials (wax coated matchstick heads, lint, and wood) within. To use the cube:

1. Punch out the perforated hole in Lyte

2. Place Lyte into the fire pit

3. Place a barbecue lighter into the hole in Lyte and light the lighter until smoke is seen

4. As it burns, place larger pieces of wood to sustain your fire.


This product costs $1.00 per cube. Each cube is one time usage as the cube is the tinder to start the fire. For the cost of a dollar, the cube also provides a shelter housing for your starting fire so that no matter the weather, you can get your fire started.

Who are we offering it to?

Lyte is perfect for the outdoor lover who loves to barbecue; an outdoors cook. If you are a casual camper or love throwing barbecue parties, but don’t have the Bear Grylis skills to start a fire right away or anytime anywhere, give Lyte a try. Especially if you hate cancelling your perfect barbecue because of a weather hiccup. This way, you have the Bear Grylis fire starting skills, without having to wrestle the wilderness!

Why does that person care?

Lyte is a convenient and cheap way to help you start a fire quickly.

In wind and rain, it’s hard to start a fire. You’ve spent a week planning and a entire day preparing for your perfect barbecue party, but the weather isn’t always predictable. You don’t’ want to cancel the plans just because of the weather, but the fire just wont start. We’ve all had that moment where you have to blow into the tinder for half an hour to try to get the fire started in the pit.

Lyte, is the quick and simple tinder to start that fire for your barbecue, no matter the weather. It’s also small, portable and strong, so that you can carry it everywhere without compromising it’s functionality.

Our distinctive competencies

 Lyte is the first convenient way for the casual outdoor cooker to start a fire in difficult weather. It’s convenience comes from a simple to use, light, portable tinder package that uses the cardboard shell as a tool to protect the initial fire as the tinder catches. Fire starting has never been easier for the casual outdoors cook. 

Lyte also works when it’s wet. The tinder are coated in wax so that no matter the weather, it’ll burn. With lyte, we guarantee a fire or money back.

The substitutes & alternatives

Alternatives on the market include the barbecue lighter and fire starter tinder.

Although the barbecue and tinder in the current market make it easy to start a fire, that’s only in optimal conditions; the weather has to have no wind and no rain. Even with the barbecue lighter, the tinder doesn’t always catch and at times. There are times you have to hold the lighter in the tinder for 10 mins to have the fire die out. When the weather’s not perfect, starting a fire is a long, time consuming process.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Teng Rong

Teng is a an adventure enthusiast that loves meat and being outdoors. As an outdoor enthusiast, he drags his girlfriend, the not so outdoor enthusiast around to the mountains. Living in Calgary, the weather is usually unpredictable, but wants to cook his steak anyways. Even when it’s windy or drizzling, he’s determined to get his steak. If the weather doesn’t agree, he’ll sometimes spend up to half an hour trying to get his portable charcoal barbecue pit lit. Also, the longer he takes, the hangrier his girlfriend gets.

Lyte provides a quick easy way to start a fire, no matter the weather. Within 5 minutes he can have a fire started and get cooking to avoid the hangry girlfriend. 

Our second key person

Emily Chai

Emily is an avid camper. She loves outdoors and frequently camps outside with friends and family. Being a frequent camper, she knows that if she wants a good camping spot in the summer, she may have to book up to a month in advance. Although she tries to pick good dates for camping, the weather in the mountains are unpredictable. When it gets windy or rains, it’s difficult to start a fire in the fire pit to cook and sing camp songs. For her that fire is crucial and she needs it quick. It keeps bears and cougars away, as well as keeps the campsite warm through the colder days.

Lyte provides a convenient way to start a fire in all weather. It’s quick, easy and dependable. There’ll be no need to find or chop up tinder and even if the fire goes out, it’s a breeze to start again.

Our third key person

Ted Bradley

Ted is a forest ranger that works for Parks Canada. One of his duties as a ranger is fire prevention and fire fighting when a forest fire happens in his park. In order for fires to not spread, Ted needs to know that Lyte is safe to the user and has low chance of causing a forest fire.

Lyte is tinder meant for easy fire starting in closed pits. Each Lyte will have clear instructions on how to use on the cardboard shell so that the product is not misused. Fire warnings and safety cautions will also be printed on the cardboard shell to ensure that Lyte users are aware of potential dangers and how to prevent fire related disasters.


Your feedback and ideas

Feedback on our idea and your assessment of it are incredibly important. Please provide yours below.

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  1. Customer (C)


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    People (P) on the team


    Offering (O)


    Distinctive competencies (DC)


    As the first key person, I actually really like this idea. Fire lighting becomes really frustrating in less than optimal conditions: too wet, too windy.

    This product resolves both problems. I would like to see this on the market, and I do believe that with iterations of improvement, there can be something truly distinctive about this product.

    The customer pool is well defined, but very broad. This type of broad targeting makes it costly to market this product. I recommend focusing on a single customer group instead.

    Overall an excellent idea and very well thought out.

  2. Customer (C)


    Value proposition (VP)


    Substitutes & alternatives (SA)


    People (P) on the team


    Offering (O)


    Distinctive competencies (DC)


    The idea is nice, but without testing, it’ll be difficult to truly evaluate the offer, since the main offer is that it lights no matter the weather. Besides from that, I like the idea. It’s a cheap and produces no garbage, which I love. Small pieces of garbage make it difficult to keep the campsite clean.

    As for substitute and alternatives, aren’t there fire starters that start in water? It is more expensive then the dollar for Lyte, but definitely should look into that. Other than that, nifty and convenient to have when camping.

  3. Customer (C)


    Value proposition (VP)


    Substitutes & alternatives (SA)


    People (P) on the team


    Offering (O)


    Distinctive competencies (DC)


    Interesting idea! However can I not just bring my own cardboard box with all the tools in order to build the fire? After a few times of doing this, I think I’ll have adequate experience to build my own fire and won’t need to buy this product anymore. Also, what if it was windy? Won’t the box fly away? I suppose you could always put the logs into the box first. Anyways, I can see this being very useful for those not experienced in fire-making. But packing several of these into my car for a camping trip takes up a lot of space, and I’m not sure if it’s worth it if they’re just one-use. Overall I like the idea!