Cardboard Razor Handles

A biodegradable replacement for plastic

Our Idea

Who are we?

Some of us were born with the genetics corresponding with unhindered beard growth. However, this means I need to shave my face everyday to maintain that clean, professional look. Because of this, I for one appreciate the the amount of money dumped into buying disposable razors to keep that 5 o’clock shadow in check.

One thing I don’t like is the amount of wasted plastic this generates. This is where my background in engineering spurs the thought of “what is a better solution to the plastic handles that simply put the blades to your face?”

What are we offering?

Cardboard can easily be implemented in place of the plastic handles. When made into tubes, cardboard is sturdy enough to manipulate the razor head, which is the sole purpose of the handle. Not only are cardboard tubes simple to make, they can also be made out of recycled material which turns what would be a waste product into something useful. The cardboard handle itself can then be cut from the razor and recycled or composted once the lifespan of the razor has been reached.

Who are we offering it to?

People who shave using disposable razors and are environmentally conscious.

Why does that person care?

Anyone who uses plastic razors can appreciate the number of razors that are throw away, in maintaining a smooth, clean shave. They’ll also likely notice that many handles seem over-designed for something that gets thrown away a week later. Cardboard handles aim to eliminate paying for unnecessary technology, while creating a product with less environmental impact at the end of it’s service life.

Our distinctive competencies

As a habitual maker of things, I love to make things better. My techincal background in engineering helps facilitates this drive.

Since I’m not made of money either, I don’t want to waste it, regardless of who’s it is.

My understanding of how waste affects my living space, makes me want to limit how much is simply thrown away.

The substitutes & alternatives

Plastic razors dominate the disposable market. The aim with cardboard handles is to replace unnecessarily wasteful products with those that can do the job at a comparable or reduce price, while limiting waste. Replacing plastic handles with cardboard can eliminate up to 85% of the plastic waste by volume created by disposable razors.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Fred is a daily shaver. He needs razors that work to achieve a clean shave every day but don’t break the bank. He is also aware that the products he buys will have an impact on the environment after he throws them away. This product will provide Fred with an affordable tool  while also producing less waste since it can partially biodegrade in a reasonable amount of time once it has reached its service life.

Our second key person

Bob works works in marketing and his job is to find ways to attract people to a new product. He understands that people want something that is not too expensive, and some people are becoming more concerned about how disposable products can negatively affect the environment. This product aims to help Bob target the consumers who don’t want to pay loads of money for a razor, and will support a company that is environmentally conscious.

Our third key person

Harry works at a manufacturing company that produces disposable razors. He wants something that is cheap to make and will attract sales so that more orders come in to his plant. Due to it’s simplicity, this product will be easy for the manufacturer to make, and cheap to produce because it uses an inexpensive, readily available material


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