Portable Frisbee Box

Our Idea

Who are we?

We are the Frisbee  lovers who play it a lot. We are designers familiar with CAD and drawing. We are also  fans of handicraft who have much experience in making different kinds of interesting things.

What are we offering?

We are offering a portable Frisbee box. When people going to play Frisbee, they can use our product to carry about 10 Frisbees. When they playing Frisbee, they can use it as a target to throw in the Frisbee.

Who are we offering it to?

People who want to practice throwing Frisbee accurately.

People who have no friends to play Frisbee together.

People who want to play Frisbee together as a football.

Why does that person care?

They are having troubles finding people to play Frisbee with or they want to improve their Frisbee accuracy or a group of people want to try something new but do not have a good tool.

Our distinctive competencies

No similar product can help people practice or play alone.

Cheap, easy to product and carry.

Cool patterns on the surface

The substitutes & alternatives

Football door

Frisbee trainer


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is people who have nobody to play together. Our product can give them a target to throw the Frisbee. They care because Frisbee is a kind of special interest and sometimes it is really difficult to find someone play together. Our promise to them is you would enjoy yourself when using our product.

Our second key person

Our second key person is Frisbee players who want to improve their throw accuracy. They care because the accuracy is important and hard to improve when they play with a real person. People can move and it is difficult to find out how far they missed actually. Our promise to them is you can improve the accuracy efficiently and effectively with our product.

Our third key person

Friends who play the Frisbee together. Sometimes it is boring that just throw the Frisbee from one to another people. They care because they can try something new. Our promise to them is Frisbee can be played like a football, just throw it to the target.


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