Our Idea

Who are we?

I am a engineer who often deal with some mathematical problems, and good at designing, also as a student, I have a good market place – school campus, I can be a good marketer, have a connection with manaufacture 

What are we offering?

A multipurpose calculator which cover can be used as a ruler, this cover is made of a transparent plastic and straightedge and triangle ruler can be took out from there, the triangle ruler is embedded in the straightedge, straightedge is the part of cover and can easily be slided in/out the cover, since there are slots on the both sides of the frame.

Who are we offering it to?

A multipurpose calculator which can also be used as a ruler is beneficial for engineers, students who meet mathematical problems often, teachers.

Why does that person care?

This combination is easy for people to bring and use. From engineers perspective, this co-cal can save them time when they go to site joining a discuss about their project. From students perspective, this co-cal can prevent them from forget anyone of tools when they go for an exam. From teachers perspective, this co-cal is a good tool for them to show it to primary students and teach students how to use these tools.


Our distinctive competencies

  • This kind of combination is very unique and never seen a product like this.
  • Since i am also a engineer who will use calculator and ruler a lot, i know what kind of design of this is easy for people to use.
  • Durable
  • Low cost( same price as the existing one calculator, 18$or 20$)
  • Potable

The substitutes & alternatives

There is not a product like this today, however, the existing separate ruler and calculator is its substitutes. Alternatives might be put this two things together in a bag or box.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

My first key person is student who often deal with mathematical problems

They care because they often use calculator and ruler when they go for exams and there are some students who couldn’t find rulers or it takes them some time to find it.

My promise to them is this co-cal is easy for them to bring and can remind them to put the used ruler back to original place since this ruler is part of calculator’s cover.

Our second key person

My second key person is engineer who often use calculator and ruler, for example civil engineer, they have to use ruler to draw sketch and calculator to deal with some datas.

They care because engineers can bring this two together to site or this co-cal is like a toolkit without caring one of it tools lost.

My promise to them is It can save them much time to deal with their engineering problems and this co-cal is potable

Our third key person

Our third key person is teacher who works in primary school or middle school teaching those students first use calculator and ruler or teachers who often use it in the classroom  

They care because they can bring it to classroom without bringing too much things and this co-cal is a good example for them to show to students

It is potable and since the cover of co-cal is transparent, people can see the calculator and ruler at the same time


Your feedback and ideas

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  1. Customer (C)


    Value proposition (VP)


    Substitutes & alternatives (SA)


    People (P) on the team


    Offering (O)


    Distinctive competencies (DC)


    The idea of this design is great, however, it would be better if this ruler and calculator have some different with already existing one, for example, the ruler can be stretched longer.

  2. Customer (C)


    Value proposition (VP)


    Substitutes & alternatives (SA)


    People (P) on the team


    Offering (O)


    Distinctive competencies (DC)


    As a student, I have to use calculators and rulers when I go for an exam and sometimes I forgot to bring my ruler, therefor borrowing others. so I will buy it if this product has been produced. I recommend to focus on how to make this more special than just bringing calculators and rulers together, for example, in order to attract children, print some cartoon pictures on it.

  3. Customer (C)


    Value proposition (VP)


    Substitutes & alternatives (SA)


    People (P) on the team


    Offering (O)


    Distinctive competencies (DC)


    In general, this could be a good idea for the calculator manufacturers. Bringing ruler and calculator together would be a great benefit for a target customer group, such as engineering students. Although the price is already competitive, some extra design features may be expected to make a successful product.