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Our Idea

Who are we?

We are a group of motivated engineers who see real opportunity in all the thousands of windows on highrise buildings seen downtown.

Abi – 15 years of project management

Ethan – Geomatics And Civil Engineer With Construction Experience

Firas –  Civil Engineer with LEED accreditation and industry experience

Huizhu – Petroleum Engineer

Shanyu – Petroleum Engineer

Yingjie – Petroleum  Engineer

What are we offering?

A self-window cleaning system for new high rise buildings. System consists of a wiper housed in a case that holds environmentally friendly cleaning solution fed from the roof, a squeegee which is internally soaked and a wiper. Each column of windows on a building has its own wiper and they mover vertically to clean the windows.

Who are we offering it to?

We are offering this product to high rise building owners and developers for new developments.

Why does that person care?

Building Owner:
It eliminate cleaning cost.

It eliminates safety concern and more convenient.

Attract high value tenants. Eliminate bureaucracy of maintenance. Improve image of building. Possible LEED certification.
Competitive advantage in buildings development

More efficient design leading to attraction of buyers and thus more profit

Our distinctive competencies

One time capital cost during construction and reduces  building maintenance cost

Reduction in cost per window cleaning from $7 per window to 50c per window.

Abi has 15 years of experience ranging from a project engineer all the way to being a senior project manager in construction of buildings like this. He is able to leverage his contacts in the industry to facilitate field testing of this technology on a small scale.

Firas has his LEED designation and he can get in touch with the Leading LEED president and promote this product for LEED environmentally friendly certified buildings.


We intend to file a patent for our technology


More efficient design leading to attraction of buyers and thus more profit

The substitutes & alternatives

– Machine Cleaning

– Manual cleaning labour

– Water repellent coating


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Concept Pitch

Our personal pitch

Personal Pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Building Owner;

They care because they want to attract tenants, aesthetics,and don’t want to spend money.

Our promise to them is attracting high value tenants, reducing maintenance cost, building publicity, long life span for product

Our second key person

Our second key person is the Occupant:

Who wants a motivating and uplifting environment where the rent they pay is justified. They care because they use the building everyday and our cleaning mechanism that does not intrude on daily activities.

Our third key person

Our third key person is Developers;

They want to develop a building where the building maintenance cost is low enough to attract buyers. Our product has high quality, initial slightly high capital cost and low building maintenance cost, resulting in the overall building maintenance cost saving.


Your feedback and ideas

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