Our Idea

Who are we?

Hi, we’re New Century Solutions! We are a group of engineers looking for solutions for the needs of young people and make their lives more comfortable and bearable. We are focused on facilitating things to young people, in special to students so that their only concern is to study; we take care of their comfort. Using our 5 years engineering experience, we deliver a product made up to the vital demands of today’s market.

What are we offering?

The CARDBOARD PC PACK is a case which  offers comfort to the user. It is intended to transport computers using a new concept: cardboard. Additionally, it is very light and has various presentations that fit in today’s trends. It is designed by two layers of cardboard that preserve the interior temperature.

Who are we offering it to?

This CARDBOARD PC PACK is made for students who spend most of their time working with computers at all times and in all places. University students are called to purchase the product. The inspiration of this product comes from a team member of New Century Solutions since he does not want to use the typical bags. The suitcase is designed to relieve weight when transporting instruments.

Why does that person care?

The CARDBOARD PC PACK is able to perform multiple functions. The two layers of cardboard make the bag suitable to keep a computer under favorable conditions. The temperature is maintained inside the bag since the cardboard is able to do it. The weight of the case is very light in order to relieve pressure under the shoulders of the user. The material of this product is cardboard which is not a conductor of electricity, so it is safe for users who manipulate this type of source. Finally the pack is available in different sizes, it depends on how big is the computer.

Our distinctive competencies

Based on the knowledge of material engineering I have and the collaboration of professionals, who understand perfectly the environment in which a computer should be storage, we are able to build a product that meets all requirements from the user. Computer´s developers are also working in order to find the maximum performance of the product. Finally , we will be working with famous stores that want to insert this product in the market.

The substitutes & alternatives

Computers cases in the market are based on an old concept and they might be expensive. Moreover, sometimes they do not meet what a customer wants. Furthermore, the temperatures inside these bags are not suitable for storing a computer and they cannot work as a support for the computer while it is being used. The CARDBOARD PC PACK offers a support like a portable desk to work at any time and any moment. One special feature is that our team uses recyclable materials which make our product friendly with the environment. This case will be affordable for everyone since we are using recyclable materials.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch


Our personal pitch



The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Angelica, a student at University of Calgary (Medicine). She uses her computer all day long and has a plastic bag for her computer. She has to move from one place to other constantly. 

She cares because she wants to get a new and easier way to transport her computer. Moreover, she wants to avoid computer overheat while studying. 

Our promise to her is to improve comfort when working in different places is needed. More handy way to transport the computer.




Our second key person

Our second key person is Steve, who is a software engineer. Moreover, he travels too much time around the city using public transportation

He cares becuase  he uses his computer in the trips puttig the computer over his legs, that might be uncomfortable 

Our promise to him is to improve the way of working. Use the PC PACK as a mini desk instead of his legs

Our third key person

Our third key person is Jason, a no-professional user of computers. He uses computers a lot for entertainment.

He cares because he wants to prevent overheat when computer is over the bed and make that activity secure. He wants the product to be cheap.

Our promise to him is to increase comfort while watching movies.  Use fancy designs to make the PACK unique.


Your feedback and ideas

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