Ten 2 heat!

Our Idea

Who are we?

Bahar – Analyst

Jacob – Biomaterials

Ava – Production manager

Rufat – Marketing

Sun – Design

Mathilda – Procurement







What are we offering?

Leather gloves are very stylish, and appeal to many business people. However, they do not do a very good job of keeping your hands warm. Thick winter gloves on the other hand, are very warm, but are not stylish or practical for driving.

What is there was a glove that was thin enough to be stylish, as well as warm enough to keep your hands just as warm as a winter glove?

Rechargeable battery powered heated leather gloves designed to be both more comfortable to, and more stylish than thicker gloves.


Who are we offering it to?

People who want to get the warmth of a ski glove without the bulk and look elegant.

Eg. Business people who work downtown, people who commute to work.








Why does that person care?

The ability to keep warm in the wintertime while also looking professional.

Makes driving in the winter easier.

Are easily portable






Our distinctive competencies


we believe that our connection with Superstore and the ability to be sold on their shelves will provide us with a sustained competitive advantage that will not be easily emulated by any competition.

In addition to this, on the market currently there is no current direct competition, as no one else manufactures heated leather gloves.



The substitutes & alternatives

Why is our product better than the alterntives?

Currently, if you want a heated glove, there are only a couple of option on the market. Something like this; a winter glove, used mostly for skiing or snowboarding, or something like this, with knuckle shields for motorcycles. Both of these products aren’t very practical for everyday use, as well as being pretty unsightly.



Our Pitch

Our concept pitch


Our personal pitch

Dragonfly introducton


The Value

Our first key person


Our first key person is

  • Parents/Guardians ‘Cece’’

They care because …

  • Cece’s Children’s  health is a priority. Therefore keeping them warm by all means its very important and necessary.
  • Because it keeps their kids warm comfortable and relaxed, they are sure their kids won’t take them off.
  • Keeping them warm means avoiding health hazards like flue, asthma and other related diseases caused by the cold

Our promise to them is …

Auto regulatory temperature sensor to suite desired temperature

Our second key person


Our second key person is …

Taxi/Uber/Transust Drivers ‘Lucy’


They care because …

  • Lucy, Has to be out in the cold driving because it’s her source of income. But desires to stay warm while driving
  • Everyone wants to enjoy a warm drive while look elegant and fancy while walking downtown, going for a professional meeting or just hanging out

Our promise to them is …

  • Resistant battery which will not die in the cold and an last for at least 5 hours in a roll


Our third key person



Our third key person is …

Professionals/Fashion Lovers ‘Simeon’


They care because …

  • Simeon’s  look ( Fancy, Elegant and luxurious) is important to him but i cannot stand the cold especially when fingers get numb
  •  It will attract more customers to buy their cars. Given that potential clients will have free warm and fancy gloves to cater for their winter needs

Our promise to them is …

  • Made with durable material which will not wear over a long period of time



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