Task Sharing System

Our Idea

Who are we?


I am Ava, an academic person with management and engineering background.

I have more than six years’ experience in working at universities as a faculty member and as a staff.






What are we offering?


I am offering a web-based comprehensive system of task sharing in which students and staff of the University of Calgary can share their task with another student and learn from each other.






Who are we offering it to?


The customer of this system are students of the University of Calgary at Undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, the stuff of university can be considered as our customers too. we have 2 types of customers providers of task(service) and the person who is looking for service. The estimation shows the number of 30201 students. The stuff of university is 4964 in 2014.


Why does that person care?


From the task provider side, finding the right customer is hard. From the person who is looking for service, the high cost of learning and using the spare time at the campus is important. On the other hand, finding the exact person with a desirable ability is challenging.




Our distinctive competencies


I am Iranian, and I have a close relationship with IGSA (Iranian Graduate Students Association) of U of C.

We are a large community (just the Facebook page of IGSA has 1549 followers and this number only considers graduate students not undergraduate).




The substitutes & alternatives


From the serveries seeker side, searching, connecting and finally requesting the desirable service by all methods we have like ask a friend or an expert, surfing in the net, enrolling in the related organization to find the right service provider can be Substitutes and alternatives of our system.

From the provider service side advertising by paper, sending promotional emails are some of the Substitutes and alternatives of our systems.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch


Our personal pitch



The Value

Our first key person


Our first key person is …Students

Dan is a graduate student who loves to play guitar. He searched the internet to find reasonably price tutor or class to meet his life dream. He knows physics very well.

They care because …

Dan has a little scholarship and lives with just that money.If Dan could find someone to teach them physics and instead they give him money or teach him how to play guitar, it would be great!

Our promise to them is …

We can help Dan to increase his chances of finding the student or at least reasonably priced guitar tutor.





Our second key person


Our second key person is Staff at the university.

Leila works as a staff at the university. She is pregnant, and her previous dress is not fit for her. She does not want to buy a new dress when she knows her size will be decrease soon.

They care because …

leila is thinking about finding a tailor to make some changes to make her previous dress a bit larger. But she works full time at university and she doesn’t have enough time to find a reasonably priced tailor. She was thinking what would be if she could find a tailor easier.

Our promise to them is …

We can help Leila to increase her chances of finding the tailor easier.


Our third key person

Our third key person is …Parents and other family members of students

Sarah is a mother. She works as a cook in a bakery and doesn’t have a high salary. Her daughter Kelly is a university student. Kelly has some problems with physics and always nagging about it.

They care because …

Sarah is worried about her daughter weakness in physics and she is dreaming what would be if she teaches someone who to make a cake or even bakes for them and help her daughter to solve her problem with physics.

Our promise to them is …

We can help Sarah to increase her chances of finding the reasonably priced physics tutor or finding the customer for her birthday cakes




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