Soccer has the power to bring people together and to break down barriers, and

Kick It Forward will do everything it can to keep it that way!

Our Idea

Who are we?

Kick It Forward is a social business composed of 4th year civil & mechanical engineering students whom are young entrepreneurs looking to bring people together and locally and internationally!

What are we offering?

  • Soccer ball stencil kits to build your very own ball. Great for a craft/project with friends/family
  • Kit will be made of supplied cardboard stencils, Velcro, and link to detailed solution!
  • Assembly done by the end user
  • Buying one kit will buy one real soccer ball for Ecuadorian kids living in poor communities

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Who are we offering it to?

  • Craft stores
  • University students
  • Parents in the community
  • Soccer players in the community
  • Kids in Ecuador that will get a free new soccer ball from our business model


Why does that person care?

  • Because they are helping children get together and be outside in the world playing soccer
  • Because the puzzle is challenging and rewarding to design and build


Our distinctive competencies

  • Variety of skills that allows the production of a great quality craft product
  • Ability to mass produce the kits by using a bandsaw that reduces the manufacturing time
  • One of the group members will be in Ecuador this summer to buy and distribute the free real soccer balls with the Kick It Forward profits
  • The one-for-one business model will increase the sales due to its charitable commitment

The substitutes & alternatives

There are various patterns available online to create these kinds of shapes, but doing a big ball with 32 pieces takes a long time.

  • Kick It Forward will take care of that time consuming process by mass producing the pieces with a bandsaw.
  • The team has iterated the design several times to come up with pieces that are the easiest to work with and assemble into balls.
  • If people want to copy the kit and give soccer balls to kids in need, the team is more than ok with it.

This product does not currently exist in the form we have it. Current puzzles, soccer balls, and charities do not compete with our distribution model or ability to price and distribute competitively.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person


Tim is a Calgarian parent that enjoys doing crafts and puzzles with his kids. He is also passionate about helping people in need.

Tim cares about Kick It Forward because he is thrilled with the idea of giving a free real soccer ball to someone that doesn’t have the resources to buy one, while getting a cool 3D cardboard ball craft.

Our promise to Tim is to offer him a fun cardboard soccer puzzle, while knowing that he is helping less privileged people to have access to a proper soccer ball. Additionally, Tim will be able to share a great time with his kids while building this puzzle.

Our second key person


Carlos is a young Ecuadorian kid that has 8 siblings. His parents unfortunately don’t have the means to buy Carlos a soccer ball for him to play the sport he loves the most. However, Carlos is a happy and clever kid and created a cloth ball that plays with all day.

Carlos cares about Kick It Forward because he will finally be able to play soccer with a proper ball by acquiring a free ball from the one-to- one business model. He can’t wait for his new ball to arrive!

Our promise to Carlos is to give him access to a high quality soccer ball that will replace his old cloth ball. With our new soccer ball, he will be able to improve his soccer skills and enjoy playing the sport even more.

Our third key person


Agustin is one of Kick It Forward members that will travel to Ecuador this summer to purchase and distribute the free real soccer balls from the one-to-one model.

Agustin cares about this product because he is one of the founders of Kick It Forward that supports the initiative of helping less privileged people in his country.

Our promise to Agustin the satisfaction of knowing that he is helping people in need. Agustin will also build his relationships with low-income locals and pave the way for any future business ventures with these communities.


Your feedback and ideas

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