Our Idea

Who are we?

My name is Braden, I am a 4th year civil engineering student. Before starting engineering I completed a and diploma in Renewable Resource Management and a B.Sc. in Environmental Science. Throughout my schooling, I’ve spent several years working in marketing and business development for several environmental organisations.

What are we offering?

I am offering a product that is a sustainable alternative to packing foam. It is small 3-dimensional cardboard shapes that replace Styrofoam peanuts. The exact shape is yet to be determined, but the final product may be cubes, pyramids, or another shape that provides space filling and impact absorbing capabilities.

Who are we offering it to?

The intended customer of this product is companies that package physical products for shipping or transportation. The beneficiary is financially those companies, but emotionally the end customers of the product being shipped. I am a person who would like to purchase things with more recyclable packaging. 

Why does that person care?

Consumers are starting to shop more based on the environmental reputation of brands. Brands can secure their their share of this emerging market by being the first movers into sustainable packaging.

Our distinctive competencies

I’ve worked in marketing for a few years, including several sustainability focused organisations. I have also built an online business from scratch to over 2 million impressions world wide. This experience will be useful in launching a new business with a global reach and impact.

The substitutes & alternatives

Substitutes and alternatives include conventional packing foam, corregated cardboard end-caps and forms, and alternatives made of biodegradable material such as corn and potato starch.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Alex. He is a typical consumer of things. He buys things online to have shipped to his house. He buys things in stores, that were shipped to those stores from warehouses and factories around the world. He represents billions of people around the world. Alex is part of an emerging demographic of consumers that are becoming ever increasingly aware of sustainability and their own environmental footprint. Alex tries to buy products made of recyclable materials whenever possible but is unsatisfied that these products come wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam. Our promise to Alex is that he can be certain that when he purchases products from brands that ship using Shipping Shapes that no plastic or Styrofoam will be used in the shipping of his item.

Our second key person

Our second key person is Satoshi. He is a typical CEO of a large multinational company, Toshiba to be exact. He oversees the whole operation from sourcing materials to manufacturing to shipping and retail operations. He represents millions of company leaders that are involved in businesses that ship physical products. Satoshi is a smart dude that cares first and foremost about his company’s success. His CSR team has identified that there is a growing demographic of angsty granola-heads around the world that are hating on plastic and Styrofoam and are now getting upset that those materials are used to ship other products too. Our promise to Satoshi is that by using Shipping Shapes in the packaging of his electronics, Toshiba will be be able to sell into this emerging demographic that he may otherwise lose. As this consumer trend continues to grow, Toshiba will reap the rewards for years to come from being the first mover into sustainable packaging.

Our third key person

Our third key person is John. He works in Toshiba’s largest factory, and packages up a lot of TVs and other electronics day in day out. He is is certainly no granola-head, hes just a regular guy trying to make an honest living. He cares mostly about the difficulty of his daily tasks at work, like if he will need to constantly lift heavy weights. Other things on his mind are whether of not the products he ships will arrive undamaged so his boss will remain happy with him, and also how much space is available on his warehouse floor, as truckloads of Styrofoam take up truckloads of space. Our promise to John is that when Toshiba switches to packing TVs and other electronics with Shipping Shapes, that his job will become no more difficult than it already is, not require additional heavy lifting, that the products will still arrive at their destinations undamaged, and due to the collapsible nature of Shipping Shapes (as they will be able to be flat stacked in cardboard sheets until they are “popped up” into their 3D state to protect other items), they will occupy significantly less space in the warehouse than Styrofoam, creating a less cluttered and more enjoyable work space for John to carry most of the waking hours of his existence.


Your feedback and ideas

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