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Who are we?

My name is Hannah Neuhauser and I am the founder of This business concept was derived when I was in university undergoing my Bachelor’s of Music in Vocal Performance. After taking in the great amount of research and private training for my own voice, looking back at auditions from her high school and current talent shows on television that a good amount of singers that I competed with were not necessarily untalented, but the song choice was either a make it or break it situation. I remember auditioning for a talent show with a song from Annie but even though I could sing well, I did not even make it through the first round because it was not the style of songs they were looking for. This almost discouraged me completely from trying out for other auditions because I originally took it as that they did not think I was talented at singing. Not wishing this feeling for other students who wish to pursue the dream of being in a school production and more, I designed to present them with the audition help I wish I had when I was younger.


What are we offering? is a online website and app that offers the service of matching your voice to the song(s) that best fits you. You will sing a series of provided warm-ups into a recording device and once evaluated, an email will be sent to your account with 2-4 song options that are fitting for your vocal range and comply with any guidelines from the audition/competition information that you are trying out for.

Once the app is paid for the customer can use this service for any audition or simply for one’s own musical practice and for an additional fee may schedule an online thirty-minute consultation with a company vocal instructor to work on the song(s) selected for them.

Who are we offering it to? offers its service to anyone. However, the prime focus is for beginning performers. Those young students (mainly between 12-18 years old) just starting to become more interested in the arts and music but do not have the tools and resources in order for them to have the best chance when auditioning for vocal performances.

Why does that person care?

Finding a great audition song can be extremely difficult and you can never be quite sure as to what exactly judges are looking for. However, the top two make it or break it questions that not everyone knows to ask when choosing a song are “Does it match the requirements of the audition?” and “Does this song suit my current vocal range and level of technique?”

Some auditions, mainly choir and callbacks, may have one audition song that everyone sings, but often times the primary audition is up to the individual to decide. Some common requirements for auditions include a specific amount of time and a song from a specific period that is of the same for the musical. For example, the school production that year may be “The Sound of Music.” So what may be best is to pick a song from the Rogers and Hammerstein collection as they are the composers for that musical. However, sometimes a student will pick a contemporary song which, to the judges, makes it difficult to see the student in the role for that production and they may not be cast due to the song choice.

Now even if a student does pick a song that matches the requirements of the audition that does not always mean that the song matches the voice. A fact that most people don’t know is that vocal chords do not mature until they are thirty-years old. There are several factors that can affect your vocal chords, such as whispering, which strains your vocal chords immensley, or by singing in a range that is not comfortable or requires technique beyond your level. Many students, myself once included, choose that one song with the show-off high note thinking that will impress the judges. And while yes, it is good to know the range of the singer, the judges are more conceded about the best of your voice in your comfortable range. Not one high note but the rest of the song is performed sub-par. What we also don’t think of is if we keep over-stretching ourselves out of our range without proper care eventually we may not be able to hit those show-off notes at all.

It is imperative that a growing student chooses songs that will be challenging and equally suitable to the current ability a student has. The private instructors working with realize this and can help students make the best choice in answering both of these questions.

Our distinctive competencies

There are three common ways to learn music, either through school, a private teacher, or being self-taught. Yet schools are cutting art classes, which limits a student’s access to a music teacher, as well as resources such as sheet music and instruments.  Furthermore even with the subject of music being offered the funding for the class is limited with teachers reporting that resources and instruction time being minimally adequate.

To learn under the guide of a private voice teacher is quite common for those truly wishing to be in the performance industry. In fact, it is expected for opera singers to have six to eight years of classical training before their voices are mature enough for highly technical repertoire. However, even one lesson a week can be very expensive. Depending on the cost of living where the teacher resides as well as the teacher’s educational level, prices may very from $45 to $100 per hourly lesson. Even at a university where there is a flat rate for a one-credit course of vocal training, weekly the price of an hourly lesson is still around $80. This is a considerable amount of money to spend on a student who simply wants one lesson just for some basic tips and help finding an audition song.

Songs themselves can be expensive as well. There are websites such as IMSLP and Schubert Exchange that provide free downloadable sheet music, but not every song is available. Some are copyrighted which can make sheet music more expensive. offers sheet music for free and that music was specifically chosen by a vocal instructor at a lesser cost to be an individualized educational tool for students. As of now, no other company has offered this specific service.


The substitutes & alternatives

The alternative as stated in another section is to study under a private vocal instructor and again, this can be an expensive option depending on the educational level of the instructor as well as the cost of living in the area resided. One can also ask a music teacher at school for additional help or research online to find music for themselves.



Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our Concept Pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Susie, a high school student. Susie cares because she really wants a part in the spring school musical but this is her first audition and wants to pick a good song to show case her talent. Our promise to Susie is to evaluate her voice to the best of our ability and to also send PDF files of songs that match the requirements of her audition. Our promise is to give the resources to prepare her for the audition.

Our second key person

Our second key person is Jennifer, she is the mother of Susie. Jennifer cares because she  wants her daughter to be involved in school activities and be happy. She is also the one paying for the product. Jennifer does not have the money to pay for voice lessons nor the time to drive her to a vocal studio due to her office hours. Our promise to Jennifer is to make the product affordable and accessible in case she has any questions. In addition we promise that this product will give joy to Susie because she will have a tool to help her being involved with school activities she is interested in.

Our third key person

Our third key person is Tom, a private vocal instructor. Tom cares because he knows the audition process and how stressful it can be finding the right song that meets the requirements as well as the individual voice. He cares because he knows about vocal health and has participated as a judge for vocal auditions before. Our promise to Tom is to find experts like him in order to give the best advice and songs towards the customers of


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