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Our Idea

Who are we?

We are a group of tech enthusiasts with a passion for leading edge technologies in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality.

Our technical team has published over 220 peer reviewed papers on the topics of software engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), human computer interaction (HCI) and information visualization (Info-Viz) and we are some of the most visible visualization experts focused on personal, social, and crowd-oriented visualization systems.

Our CEO is a rocket scientist at heart.  He graduated at the top of his class in Aerospace Engineering and then advanced his career through various roles in engineering/design, sales and management.  With an MBA in finance he moved into public markets and investment banking followed by significant hands-on, in-the-trenches, corporate development startup experience. He has a passion for high-quality work and an attention to detail and enjoys working with high-energy, creative, thinkers.

We see the world moving in a new direction – one where augmented and mixed reality wearable devices will soon replace the traditional screens of today.  Big-data is a natural beneficiary of this new technology wave.  Our brains prefer to see 3D/holographic images – it’s just easier to understand.  It’s time to bring data visualization out of the computer screen and into the real world and we are part of the ecosystem to deliver this reality.

What are we offering?

For data-heavy applications that have reached the limit of traditional graphical interfaces, this tech-platform connects your data to YOUR world by displaying data outputs in life-like and immersive augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).  Unlike the mainly 2D/3D outputs viewed on a computer screen, we create an immersive experience that allows users to better understand their data by truly “seeing” it.

2D spaces, gimmicky chart wizards, and dataset limitations are no longer acceptable.

We want to empower workers with more meaningful information, giving them the confidence to make actionable insights and better decisions with their existing data.  We will do all of this with a user friendly, non technical, web-based interface in an unlimited workspace.

The AR environment will give the user infinite work space and, with multiple user connections, our product supports the idea of shared awareness while promoting collaborative analysis and decision making. The product will not only be easy to use but the outputs will be stunningly beautiful – the perfect mixture of software and art.

Who are we offering it to?

Our product is targeted at businesses and operations that routinely produce, capture, store and work with data in order to make better decisions to reach strategic advantages.  The user base ranges from the data scientist working directly with the data to the executive who is tweaking her strategy.  All levels of the corporation will draw value from this tool either from using it directly or experiencing the immersive data visualization environment.

Why does that person care?

This is more than just an improved workflow tool.  Users will appreciate the enhanced productivity but more importantly they will recognize this is a necessity to strategic decision making.

Our competitive advantage centers on the impactful differences between screen-based (2D/3D) products and fully immersive and life-like experiences delivered by our product.  This enhanced user connection and visual experience will provide more informed insights allowing the user to run more targeted analytics ultimately improving their decision-making processes.  With improved connections, users can communicate issues and solutions more effectively and with more confidence.  In today’s competitive landscape it’s sometimes the subtle differences that create distinct opportunities.

Our distinctive competencies

We are one of the only AR/VR data visualization platforms attacking the data-viz market and, with our product, users with no programming experience will be able to upload their data into our immersive environment and literally walk through it.  We see users creating and managing workspaces with many connected visualizations – enhancing an environment that supports more complex and detailed analyses.  With an unlimited workspace, the user will immediately be able to make insights that will translate into larger strategic decisions.

This isn’t just another app company.  Our team consists of PhDs in data visualization and computer science and we are well versed in all VR and AR hardware products.  We are part of the leading edge in mixed reality media.

The substitutes & alternatives

Currently there is no commercial product that let’s the user produce data charts into an AR space.  IBM is dabbling in this area as part of the IBM Immersive Insights group but there is little evidence of their intentions.  Similarly, a company called Virtualitics is doing something similar but focusing on VR only.  We believe AR is the way of the future.

In adjacent markets, the encumbant data visualization tools include the many 2D and dashboard tools such as MS Excel, Infogram, Datawrapper, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Emily, a data researcher/analyst who is mining data to glean meaningful information from it.  She uses data analytics to help her company tailor its investments and maximize the bottom line.  With better analytics tools, her company can provide better products and advertising, social media connections, and ultimately improve brand awareness, customer engagement, and loyalty.

Emily is trying to get her company an edge on the competition.  Analytics needs to drive action and with large, increasing data sets it’s becoming harder to make meaningful observations.  In order to make a purposeful impact she needs to be able to spot trends quickly, filter away the noise, and make actionable insights that can lead to impactful decisions and a strategic advantage.

In the early analysis stages, when speed, quantity, quality, and flexibility are paramount, our product is the perfect tool.  This data-viz platform will lead her to quicker insights than the traditional screen-based products.  In our immersive environment, with unlimited work space, it’s easy to upload her dataset and then see it in its entirety.  Selecting and filtering her data is as easy as a typical mouse click and within a few minutes Emily has already drilled down into a more meaningful data sub-set.  Using more targeted data will now let her focus on what’s truly important for her task.

Use Cases: The “Analyst”: data scientists/engineers, investment bankers, stock brokers/VCs, network/data communications, consultants, auditors, web/social media analysts

Our second key person

Our second key person is Blake.  Blake manages a group of professionals and is responsible for driving action for his team.  Historically, Blake relied on market reports, internal feedback, and available software tools as confirmation of his strategy and current business plan but these methods are starting to feel cumbersome and slow.  Today, he is trying to leverage the data coming to him from newer sources, connected devices, and other technologies used in his company.  Blake is both unsure, and confused, if he has the right tools to really understand all this data and, most importantly, use the data in a way that can make his team more productive.

This is a problem for Blake because, as a manager, he needs to demonstrate that his team is continually improving and adding value to the company.  If he’s unable to leverage newer data to create actionable insights to optimize current operations then he risks losing his competitive edge and his team’s performance starts to suffer.

Adding our product to his team’s kit will improve workflow by allowing his members to see through the confusion and get right to the impactful decisions.  The ability to see all the data, and walk through it, means that Blake’s team is able to focus on the parts that are contextually relevant for their group, decisions are made faster, and overall productivity is improved.

Use Cases: The “Manager”: finance, marketing, sales, IT, operations, HR


Our third key person

Our third key person is Anna, a marketing executive for a global retail giant.  Anna is part of the executive leadership team and is responsible for driving her company through brand strategies, successful product launches and marketing campaigns.  She appreciates how competitive her market segment is and is always fighting to get a distinct advantage. Anna has always been an early adopter of new technology especially if it can clearly demonstrate a positive return on investment (ROI).

Lately, Anna feels that her company isn’t fully benefiting from all the data they collect on consumer behaviour and wants to make sure that her strategies are still aligned with the market needs.  She tasks her team to think outside the box and suggest other sources to augment, corroborate, validate, or even contradict their corporate objectives.

This is the perfect tool for her team by bringing their data out of the computer (the “box”) and allowing them to see it clearly in an unlimited workspace.  The immersive environment will allow her team members to challenge their typical thinking by showing details that may have been hidden, or poorly visualized, in the past. With this new insight, Anna is able to tweak her marketing strategy just slightly to optimize a lagging metric.  What seems to be a minor change turns out to be a significant impact to the company.

Use Cases: The “Executive” in industries/segments such as: consulting, banks/finance, transportation, tech/wireless, retail, automotive, media/broadcasting, chemical, insurance


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