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Our Idea

Who are we?

I’m Mallory Swanick, a dancer of 20 years as well as a dance instructor and choreographer. I’m passionate about inspiring  young, training dancers and creating spaces for them to discover where they belong in the global dance community.

What are we offering?

mk movement offers a service, acting as a liaison between dance studios and professional dancers. The mk movement website offers information about a large range of professional artists in the concert dance community and there, dance studio owners can view and inquire about bringing any specific artist into their studio to provide an experience for their training dancers in the form of a master class or guest choreography session. mk movement provides the connection and organization of the experience.


Who are we offering it to?

The mk movement service is offered to studio owners, primarily with students at the intermediate, advanced, and/or pre-professional level of training. Therefore, the mk movement experience is brought to young dancers, roughly ages 9-24.

Why does that person care?

mk movement provides the studios the opportunity to establish a relationship with a professional artist that they are then able to use as a marketing tool to gain interest among potential clients. Young dancers are exposed to different realms of the dance world through the mk movement experience, while remaining in a setting that they are comfortable in. This experience is also affordable for the parents of young dancers, as it does not require a large registration fee or travel expenses.

Our distinctive competencies

I have a network of professionals throughout the country. Furthermore, I grew up in the same industry that young dancers are experiencing and am now involved as an instructor. I have an understanding of what young dancers crave and what they need in order to pursue a career in the dance field.

The substitutes & alternatives

Dance conventions offer a weekend of classes with working professionals; however, they only focus on commercial dance. Conventions are also very expensive in terms of registration and travel costs. There are also individual professionals that market themselves and their master classes. However, they do not reach a large audience.



Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Kim. She is a dance studio owner, providing weekly technique classes to recreational and competitive dancers. Kim is responsible for paying the business expenses and making decisions about who is involved at her studio.

Kim cares because she is passionate about dance education. She wants every student to be inspired and gain the tools needed to achieve success in the professional dance industry.Kim is also looking to bring in more profit for the business without creating too much additional work for herself and her staff. She is seeking opportunities to market her dance studio to potential clients.

Our promise to them is to promote the culture of education. We will create a profit for the business while exposing the students to industry professionals that will help guide them in pursuing a professional dance career.

Our second key person

Our second key person is the Shugart Family. Jim and Caroline are working parents that provide financial support for their dancer Julia. They also provide support in Julia’s overall growth. They balance their time and resources between their family of four children and their careers. Julia is a 15 year old aspiring ballet dancer that trains about 20 hours per week in her studio. Julia enjoys taking class in ballet and contemporary dance genres and hopes to be in a professional company in the future.

The Shugart Family cares because they need to decrease the costs of dance training and required travel expenses that come along with dance in order to preserve their finances for the entire family, now and for the future. The parents need to decrease travel time to take advantage of any extra work. Julia cares because she needs to establish connections with professionals to better understand her current training and what is necessary to achieve her goals. She also needs to gain insight as to which artists and companies she would like to work with in the future.

Our promise to them is to keep the cost of incoming dance training affordable. We will bring the artists to them so they do not need to travel further than they normally do on a daily basis. To Julia we promise to provide a network of professional dancers and choreographers that she can learn from on a personal level. We also promise an uplifting, open environment where each dancer is encouraged to discover movement they do not have the opportunity to explore in their weekly training.

Our third key person

Our third key person is Jon. Jon is a professional artist that has danced with contemporary dance companies in the states and abroad. Jon is currently teaching open classes in New York City and travels to choreograph commissioned work on company and university dancers. He believes in bringing his quality of movement to as many aspiring dancers as he can.

Jon cares because he wants to promote the culture of education and encourage young dancers to push themselves out of their comfort zone to demand growth. Jon also wants to take advantage of down time in his schedule to work with more students and make additional income to support his travels and cost of living in a commercial city.

Our promise to Jon is to match his skills to dance studios with young dancers wanting to pursue a career in contemporary ballet. We will cover all of his travel expenses for the master class experience and find him choreographic opportunities to send him back to New York City with more resources than he left with.


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