Pressure Sensitive Athletic Wear

Our Idea

Who are we?

We are Patrick Rees and Fabian Veit. We are graduates from the University of Strathclyde and the University of Charleston. Between us, we have majored in Economics, Entrepreneurship, Accoutancy, Finance and Business Administration but we are so much more than just our degrees.

Fabian was a professional athlete in his homeland of Germany, playing as goalkeeper for TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. However, he decided to pursue his education instead of his athletic career and began studying with a sports-scholarship in America in 2013. He racked up some impressive results on and off the field which made him earn the Scholar All-American award in early 2016.

Patrick has worked in quality control, tourism, PR & marketing since graduating from university in 2015. His work has taken him around the UK as well as to Cincinnati, Ohio where he was the first British intern to work at the industrial printers, Eurostampa North America. Similarly to Fabian, Patrick has a passion for sport and wellbeing and a desire for people to help achieve their sporting goals. This was one of the reasons Fabian and Patrick first paired up.

What are we offering?

We are offering pressure sensitive insoles for athletic use that recognizes gait and step variations that can be used to prevent injury. The insoles will relay information on the force and pressure on certain areas of the foot and this can in turn be used to help prevent injuries from happening.

Who are we offering it to?

We are offering the insoles to athletes aged 17-24 that train at least 4 times a week. These athletes are concious of their performance and any advantages they can gather in order to be the best in their field. Small changes to their gait, stance and posture will improve their overall wellbeing as well as sporting performance. They are interested in their conditioning and even if it improves their performance by 1%, they will be 1% better than their opposition. For those of you who follow professional sports, the margins between victory and defeat can be determined by 1%.

Why does that person care?

Our target market will care because the insoles will reduce their chance of injuries. Athletes want to be performing at their best and reach their athletic goals. Injuries hinder progression and prevent athletes from reaching their true potential. By avoiding injuries or preventing recurring injuries from happening, athletes will be able to focus on their training and gain that competitive advantage.

Our distinctive competencies

The insoles offer users the chance to raise awareness of their posture, gait and walking patterns. This real-time feedback is a unique proposition and one that not many other products can offer. Being aware of the problems in your gait or posture allow the user to change their behaviour and make changes that will ultimately benefit them in the long run.

The substitutes & alternatives

Alternatives to the pressure insoles exist in chiropractors, gait therapists, physical therapists, physios and masseuses. All of these people can offer advice and services that can improve a persons posture, stance or gait as well has have a positive impact on their health.

There are a few substitutes that can measure the force someone places on their feet. One such product is a stationary board that the person stands on before jumping in the air and landing on their feet. The product measures the force of their landing and where pressure is on each foot. However, this cannot be utlised to measure someones running or walking pattern and how pressure is dispersed across the users feet.


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person are aspiring athletes aged between 17-24 that train 4 or more times a week. These are people who are conscious of their athletic performance and will strive to do anything that can improve their chances of meeting their goals. They care greatly about whether or not they will become successful athletes and we want to help them improve their posture, gait and running patterns that will help them achieve their athletic goals. Additionally, we want to help them avoid injury so they can train properly and continue to improve.

Our second key person

Our second key person are the “weekend warriors” – people who work-full time during the week and exercise avidly at the weekend. Similarly to the professional athletes, the “weekend warriors” are passionate about their chosen sports and want to improve in their field. They do not have the same time or resources as professional athletes but still strive for excellence in their sports. We are offering them the chance to improve and avoid injuries that would curtail their progression. With a limited amount of free time, our second key person will look for any products that may give them a competitive advantage.


Our third key person

Our third key person is the professional athlete. Like the aspiring athlete, the professional athlete wants to avoid injury and improve their performance so they can be the best in their field. Training as a professional athlete puts significant strain on the body and equipment that can reduce strains and pains is valuable to them. By improving their training processes, we are giving athletes a competitive advantage and making them stronger than their opponent. If a competitor can gain an advantage over their opponent, then they are likely to use it.


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