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Our Idea

Who are we?

My name is Juan Sotomayor, I grew up in a Latin household with a stay home mom that cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner from scratch every day. I can cook  and understands latin cuisine and the importance of the quality of our sofrito.

What are we offering?

A high quality sofrito (a blend of spices use in the latin cuisine), unlike what’s in the market and that reminds the customers of the food their moms use to make at home.

Who are we offering it to?

An individual looking to cook latin dishes like her/his mom used to and is looking for a homemade type product, is willing to pay extra for the quality and natural fresh flavor as well as is health conscious.

Why does that person care?

  • Will solve the need to make the sofrito fresh at home.
  • Will save time
  • Will give the desired flavor and freshness in the food (like mom)
  • Will solve the concern of consuming preservatives

Our distinctive competencies

  • Passion for cooking Latin food and a good cook
  • Understand the Latin community wants and needs when it comes to food
  • Unique recipe

The substitutes & alternatives

  • Existing brands (S)
  • Sazon and similar options (S)
  • Eat out (A)


Our Pitch

Our concept pitch

Our personal pitch


The Value

Our first key person

Our first key person is Marisol. She is a professional with a family size of 2+ who likes to cook, eat healthy, has limited to spend in the kitchen and can afford to buy higher quality products. She typically shops at Publix or Whole Foods because she looks for brands she can trust.

Marisol cares because our product saves her time, meets the need for a high quality, flavorful product that has the right ingredients.

Our promise to Marisol is that she will always get a consistent high quality product that remembers her of home.

Our second key person

Our second key person is David. He is a professional with a family size of 2+ who likes to cook, eats healthy, and has limited time to spend in the kitchen. David also is not familiar with our sofrito and does not normally cook Latin food. However, he is interested in trying new products and can afford to pay for higher quality. David typically shops at Publix or Whole Foods because of their level of service.

David cares because our product saves him time, meets his need for more flavorful meals that are made at home and are healthier. David also has a preference for higher quality products and likes to experiment with new products.

Our promise to David is that he will always get a consistent high quality product that provides an authentic Latin flavor to his meals.

Our third key person

Our third key person is Jack. He is a Latin restaurant owner who wants to provide great tasting dishes and is looking to attract health conscious customers. Jack wants to provide dishes with memorable flavors that will make customers come back to the restaurant. In addition, cost is important to him so he in interested in our economies of scale ability.

Jack cares because our product support the need for flavorful dishes while eliminating preservatives and artificial ingredients. Jack can use our product as part of his marketing campaign with a tagline that would read “we use nothing but the best ingredients.” Lastly, the price difference would be nominal considering the benefit acquired from the product.

Our promise to Jack is that he will have a consistent high quality product at a wholesale price that meets his customers desires.


Your feedback and ideas

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